How to make a beautiful selfie with a smartphone

Posted by: 16.04.2018

With the development of information technology, smart phones with powerful cameras appeared on the market. Thanks to this, photo lovers can make a unique selfie. It should be noted that selfi is a true art. Not every picture will attract attention. To teach you to make high-quality, and most importantly, interesting photos, you need to learn more about this art.

how to make a beautiful selfie

What is a selfie

Under the selfie is commonly understood as an auto photograph, which is done using a smartphone or camera. The picture should be a person photographing himself. In the hands, without fail should be a camera. If a person does not hold a smartphone, it is no longer considered a selfie.

Today, selfie shots have gained worldwide popularity. In most cases, photos are immediately sent to social networks. Most often, images are posted on the following Internet resources:

  • Instagram;
  • FaceBook;
  • In contact with.

Of course, if you want pictures, you can add to other popular social networks.

It should be noted that initially, selfie-pictures were taken in order to capture themselves against the background of a beautiful place or at the moment of an event happening near. Most modern selfi are boring and of the same type.

How to take the right picture

The main task of self - to make a high-quality picture of himself, on a beautiful or interesting background. Unfortunately, not everyone can get such an auto photograph. It is important to note that the picture does not just “advertise” itself, it must show the situation in which the photo was taken.

To learn how to take a selfie you need to have a powerful machine and a properly selected landscape. Everyone can choose a suitable device for pictures and model an interesting situation.

Camera selection

Any picture, and selfie, including a high-quality camera. You need to buy a smartphone with a powerful front camera. Unfortunately, such devices are expensive. Therefore, you need to learn how to take a selfie without a front camera. Of course, this is not so easy, but possible.


The camera of the smartphone must have a resolution of the matrix equal to 8 megapixels. The presence of a stabilizer is important. Experts recommend to consider devices that have a camera with a resolution of 13 megapixels and above.

Background and lighting

The camera is not the only means necessary to create a high-quality and interesting picture. Since taking a selfie is not so easy, you need to consider all aspects affecting the quality of a photo.

background for selfie

On the Internet, you can find a lot of bad shots, in the background of which:

  • Naked people;
  • Scattered things;
  • Curling people;
  • Plain walls;
  • Much more.

It is important to choose a beautiful landscape. Against the background should not be strangers. If there is no opportunity to take a photo without a stranger or a crowd in the background, you need to focus on yourself. People in the background should not wriggle or take obscene poses.

It should be noted that in addition to a good background you need to choose the right lighting. To create a successful selfie picture, turn off the flash. Sunlight or artificial light, should fall on the face. Lighting should not be too bright. Otherwise there will be light and the photo will be of poor quality.

Angle selection

Even a powerful camera and the right background will not save the picture if the wrong angle is chosen. It is strictly forbidden to tilt your head back strongly, as this will cause distortion of the oval face. It is recommended to make a small turn of the head to the side.

selfie without a front camera

It is strictly not recommended to take a picture of the bottom-up. The same applies to raising the camera above your head. There will be strong distortions, and such a photo will not attract attention.

It is best to take a picture so that the photograph shows not only the face, but also part of the body. It is best to experiment before uploading the finished result to the network.


How to make a beautiful selfie for everyone to envy and admire? Everything is simple, in addition to the camera, background, lighting and angle, you need to take care of the appearance. Girls are recommended to make up lips with bright lipstick. It is best to get rid of all the shiny skin. It is recommended to apply powder on the nose, forehead and cheeks.


Another important point is the hairstyle. Hair should not stick in different directions. If you can not use a comb, you can correct the situation with a hairpin or rubber bands.

Attract attention

A unique picture can be made if you take pictures with famous people. Such a photo will quickly gain a rating. Do not forget about the above recommendations. It is worth noting that this kind of photos can be made both in a nightclub and on the street.

selfie with animals

Another way to add appeal to animals can be. And it does not matter whether it is a domestic or wild "animal." The only thing worth remembering is that the animal should not cover the face of man.

What to avoid

Even with a good camera and expensive makeup, you can earn dizlik. Such pictures can be found not only among ordinary users, but also among celebrities. To make a beautiful photo, it is recommended to avoid the following places:

  • Ritual salons and cemeteries (such pictures are simply not ethical);
  • Temples are a bad place to take a selfie;
  • Hospital or operating room;
  • Authorities and other official places;
  • The car is not the best place for photography (not beautiful and you can create an emergency);
  • Places of fire and other disasters (such a photo is simply inhuman).

In addition, it is absolutely not recommended to take selfies of a sexual nature. Intimate life should remain behind the camera. Especially ugly, if such scenes are captured in public places.

Another unsuccessful picture can be considered a photo taken next to a helpless person. It does not matter whether he is sick, asleep or drunk.

When is it better to take auto shots

To make an interesting selfie, you must always keep the phone with you. Most often, beautiful, positive and interesting pictures are obtained in the following cases:

  • When you want to capture an interesting moment, which can be remembered for a long time. Most often it is concerts, birthdays or other holiday events;
  • Rest and travel. Beautiful, and most importantly a memorable photo is obtained if you make it against the background of the sea or palm trees. Such pictures like your friends, as well as allow you to recall the pleasant moments of life;
  • Unexpected things. For example, three days of precipitation fell during the day, or a huge bun (a man in a big suit) walks down the street. The captured image can be immediately placed on social networks to surprise and please friends;
  • Demonstration of new things. This is one of the frequent selfies, but you need to be careful in choosing the background and lighting, so as not to spoil the picture.

It is important to remember that pictures should not be repeated. The only moment when a selfie is done in one place several times is an attempt to tell a story. In other cases, it is better not to do it.

Video instruction for a beautiful selfie


On the Internet you can find a huge number of selfie shots. In fact, to make high-quality auto-photos is not as easy as it may seem at first glance. To succeed, you need to study all the recommendations, as well as take 2-3, and sometimes 10-15 test shots. Do not forget about the structure of the face and shape. It is important to turn in such a way that the camera emphasizes individuality and beauty.

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