Unlocking the gadget: how to remove the PIN code from the phone

Posted by: 17.10.2018

Sometimes the constant blocking of the gadget is tiring, and the user is faced with the problem of how to remove the pin code from the phone. For most owners of modern devices, this is not a difficult task, but sometimes it causes difficulties.

Remove the pin code from the phone

Step by step guide

Since the technology market is full of various products, it’s easy to choose the best option. In addition, devices are becoming increasingly rare nowadays, where entering a security code when turned on is a mandatory procedure.

However, it is believed that such a function significantly reduces the risk of unauthorized use of a smartphone. The intruder will not be able to manipulate the blocked device, although of course it will not save from the very moment of theft.

Remove pin code

The security code consists of a total of 4 digits, so it can be easily remembered. But if the user does not need it, he must take the following steps to turn off the request:

  1. Open the main menu and go to Settings. They will need to find the tab "Security" and select the function "Lock SIM card."
  2. Find the item "Disable PIN-code."
  3. After clicking on it, the smartphone will ask for the used security combination of numbers in order to exclude the actions of the attacker. Then you need to select the Run command.

This procedure is quite simple, if you remember the code. The names of the tabs and functions may differ slightly, but the essence remains the same. In any case, you need to perform this operation through the "Settings". However, it is worthwhile to remove the protection only in the case when the user is completely confident in the security of his smartphone. Such a decision will be justified when the owner of the device is a child or a pensioner who can forget the combination of numbers.

What to do if the owner of the smartphone does not remember the code?

In this case, you can do 2 things: contact the service center or find the package from the tariff plan - provided that the combination of numbers has not been changed by the user. A trip to the experts will solve the problem as quickly as possible, but in some situations you may need documents on your smartphone.

Unlock in the service center

It is better not to experiment with entering a numeric password, since a three-fold error leads to blocking of the entire system. To prevent this, it is worth confining to two attempts and contacting technical support. Or (in the presence of a box from a SIM card) use a pack-code that will allow access to the device.

However, problems with how to disable the pin-code may persist on some phone models, so forgetful users will still have to contact the service, otherwise you will not be able to remove the protection. It is recommended to record the combination of numbers and store it in an inconspicuous place just in case, even after deactivating the function in question. This will greatly simplify the use of the device and save you from problems.

Key to lock the smartphone

Sometimes gadget owners have to deal with how to remove a numeric or graphical pin code to lock the phone itself. This is also done through the “Settings” tab and the “Security” tab, with the only difference being that you need to select the “Screen lock” item (or “Data encryption” - it depends on how much the user cares about the safety of personal information). Next, you need to find the selected protection method and disable it by entering the combination used or repeating the gesture.

graphic code

If the owner of the smartphone has forgotten the code, it remains the only way out, moreover, very painful: a complete reset of settings. This action will erase all data except those on the memory card. To return the device to the factory state, you will need to enter Recovery mode by simultaneously pressing the power off button and the volume control, then select the Hard reset option. After the reboot, the device can be used as before, and no codes will be needed, since the function is deactivated.

Video review: reset pin code

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