How to know the cell phone model

Posted by: 10.05.2018

The modern market is full of cell phones. Sometimes it is even difficult to determine the choice of device. After buying a smartphone, it may be a situation when you need to know its model. Do not be upset if there is no documentation and box. There are several ways by which you can find out the brand of your phone.

Determine the model of the smartphone

The simplest way to determine the model

It doesn't matter what HTC phone or Samsung you have. You need to remove the cover and then remove the battery. Inside the phone is a sticker that contains the following information:

  • Mobile device model;
  • Serial number;
  • Numeric code consisting of 15 characters. It contains information about the modification of the phone, the manufacturer, as well as the date of manufacture;
  • Reference information (necessary for service center specialists).

Model checking

It should be noted that in a similar way you can get information even about old mobile phones.

Getting information through a digital combination

After buying a mobile device, you can see that there is a sticker on the lid or battery. Most often because of it it is impossible to understand what is written on the case. You can determine the model of HTC or another phone. This can be done using a digital combination.

Entering a digital code

It is worth noting that each manufacturer has developed a specific code that allows you to get information about the device:

  • Nokia: * # 0000 # - the code allows you to get information about the device model, production date, software version, and language settings;
  • HTC: * # * # 4636 # * # * - the combination will allow you to display detailed information about the smartphone, including the model and firmware;
  • Samsung: * # 8999 * 8379 # (on some models * # 1234 #) - the device information is displayed. In addition, the settings menu will open, but it is not recommended to change anything in it;
  • LG: 2945 - you will learn detailed information about your smartphone.

In the event that the phone does not have buttons (touch screen), the above method does not suit you.

Determining the version of Android OS smartphones

Most modern devices have an Android operating system. You can take advantage of this. In fact, there are several ways to find out the phone model. The easiest way to see the information from the section "About the device."

About the device

So, how to find out the phone model through Android? To do this, you will need to perform the following steps in sequence:

  1. Go to the "Settings" section, which is located in the main menu;
  2. Scroll through the list of settings to the bottom, and then select "About device";
  3. In the window that opens, view the data of interest.

It doesn't matter what your cell phone is, HTC or Lenovo. From the settings you can find out the description:

  • Models;
  • Serial number;
  • Kernel versions;
  • Assembly numbers;
  • Operating system

The tested serial number and model can be written in a notebook, and if necessary, use them.

Non-standard method of obtaining information

How to find out the phone model if there are difficulties with the above methods? For this you are recommended to use the Google Play service. To find out the modification of your phone, you need to download a utility such as Phone info. In addition to general information, you can see:

  • Information about the firmware;
  • Information about IMEI;
  • The parameters of the display and the device itself;
  • System data

In addition, you can learn how to check additional information about the phone, thanks to the secret codes that the program will show. The combination of codes is available for all popular smartphones, such as HTC, Nokia, Samsung and so on. So how to determine the brand of the phone is easy, even a person using a smartphone for the first time will cope with the task.

other methods

You can find out the full name of your mobile device using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection. In the event that you did not change the “Name” of the smartphone, the model name will be displayed at the time of connection.

Another simple way to get information about a mobile device is an online store. You need to open the directory and then find your phone. Of course, this method may take time, but soon the model will be defined.

It is important to notethat you can find specialized services on the Internet. You only need IMEI. Such a number can be found on the phone or in the documentation. These services include “”.

You will not be difficult to find out the model of your phone, as there are several ways. It is best to use a digital combination or information from the settings. If you can not start the smartphone, you need to inspect the device. The information under the battery may be incomplete or not completely clear. In most cases, the data obtained will be sufficient.

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