Apple iPad models: which one to prefer?

Posted by: 18.06.2018

iPad - the most modern and technologically advanced device from Apple. There are so many types of this gadget that consumers often do not know which device to choose.

In times of computerization and the Internet, we are spoiled by technological innovations, and therefore it is incredibly difficult to choose a suitable smartphone or tablet. The constant appearance of new and improved well-known models of world brands give us such an abundance of various electronic media that visiting the store, we do not know what choice to make.

Because of this, the current young generation is puzzled by the main problem - which iPad to choose for purchase? Honestly, the question is not easy, but we will try to figure it out.. We will give the characteristics of each of them, consider the differences and find out which iPad copes with certain functions better.

iPad Air


Let's start with iPad Air - perhaps one of the best and most popular among consumers of the Apple brand.

iPad Air: feature:

  • Retina display, which is considered the best to date;
  • A7 processor, and the M7 coprocessor in addition to it;
  • diagonal 9,7 inches;
  • RAM - 2 gigabyte;
  • stylish white aluminum case with metallic frame;
  • The battery life is from four to seven days.


Perfect for students, as it helps in their studies due to the presence of Word equivalent, the ability to create presentations and work in Microsoft Excel. With the help of it you can watch movies, listen to music, there is Internet access. Love to read books - then this device is exactly designed for you.

Do you like to listen to the radio? With iPad Air, even the most demanding music lover will enjoy the quality and volume of listening. If you are a creative person, then you will not find the best “drawing machine”. It also allows you to mount audio and video files, edit photos. Lover of social networks or Skype? Then this device will become your best assistant.

iPad mini


Consider the main competitor iPad Air - iPad mini. The model was released in 2012 year. Perhaps it is the thinnest and lightest among the iPads. Let's see its main qualities:

  • screen = 7,9 inches;
  • The screen resolution of 1024 × 786 pixels, which is undoubtedly small for the iPad;
  • A5 processor;
  • permanent memory - 16 gigabytes;
  • The standard color scheme for the Apple brand is white and black.

So, if you just want an iPad with elementary programs: watching videos, photos, going online, an excellent guide, because it will give you a detailed map of the route or location, then this model is perfect for you. Or if you want to receive more from this electronic product, think about it, it may be better to save some money and buy the best tablet.

Owners of this model note its lightness and convenience, but it is still not enough functionality, and besides, there are complaints among consumers that it tends to hang quite often. We attribute this to the difficulty in performing certain tasks by the product itself.

iPad Pro


And finally, we just can not imagine you iPad Pro, because it is not only the largest tablet, but also the most long-awaited, according to consumers.

So, iPad Pro - details:

  • screen size - 12,9 inches, and resolution - 2732 × 2048 points;
  • eight megapixel camera;
  • four sound speakers;
  • Apple Pencil stylus;
  • 32 gigabytes of memory;
  • Duration of use - 10 hours of continuous operation.

This is indeed the most advanced tablet brand Apple. He will be released to the masses very soon, therefore this novelty is not long to wait. As for me, its only drawback is its large size, which is not always convenient, although I may be in the minority, because many consumers just need such a large ipad.

It is ideal for work and creativity, because its creators have incorporated all of their design into it. The stylus will be an assistant not only in writing, but also in drawing, and creative natures will appreciate this, of course.. The graphics are simply breathtaking, so spending your leisure time playing on the iPad Pro is a pleasure. This new tablet is really created to replace the work computer and is today considered the benchmark of the tablet.

We reviewed the most popular models from Apple. Therefore, I think you will no longer have a question: which ipad to choose? We gave you the main descriptions and recommendations for what you need tablets of this brand, so we advise you to immediately determine the functions that the iPad should perform before making a purchase of this type of device. Now the choice of an electronic device will be easy and enjoyable.

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