How to call a fire on a mobile phone

Posted by: 28.02.2018

Today, a mobile phone is used for a wide variety of tasks, such as games, correspondence in instant messengers, photos and video, and gradually it is already beginning to lose its main purpose - calls. And if in most cases it is possible to communicate with the help of alternative methods of communication without problems, then it is best to call a phone call to call the Ministry of Emergency Situations, ambulance or police. In order to respond quickly and make a call in an emergency, it is better to get acquainted with the list of phone numbers of various services in advance, and if possible even add them to your phone book. So in an emergency you will save seconds of precious time that can sometimes play a decisive role.

fire fighting fire

This article provides all the methods of calling the special services of the Ministry of Emergency Situations for calls from any mobile operator in the region of Russia. However, to begin with, let us remind ourselves of which numbers you can reach from a landline:

  • 101 - Call of the Ministry of Emergency Situations or firefighters;
  • 102 - Police call;
  • 103 - Emergency call help;
  • 104 - Call emergency gas service.

Why is it necessary to know? Most of the numbers for calls from a mobile phone are based on the generally accepted standard, and it will be much easier to remember them. In addition, no one has canceled payphones and landlines in stores or other establishments, in case your mobile phone is suddenly discharged or for any other reason it’s impossible to make a call from it.

How to call the Ministry of Emergency Situations or firefighters

To call this service, operators have slightly different numbers. If you use several SIM cards, your task will not be confused when making a call. Write the following numbers in the phone book, indicating which operator they are suitable for:

  • 010 - for Tele2;
  • 010 - for MTS;
  • 010 - for Megaphone;
  • 001 - for Beeline.

By saving the numbers in advance, you will not get lost in a critical situation and you will be able to make a call as soon as possible. This may be especially true if a car, a bus or a house with modern materials, emitting a large amount of suffocating smoke when burning is on. By the same principle, the numbers of other special services, such as the police or emergency ambulance, are compiled.

dispatch center

Universal Rescue Number

But how to call if there is only a phone at all without a SIM card, or is it locked? In this case, you can make a call to the number 112. This is a single dispatch center that serves all calls and promptly switches you to the desired service, be it MES or fast. Such a call will take a little longer, but will be no less effective.

It is worth noting that all the above numbers are free, so if necessary, you can safely call and ask for help, even if the money in the account needs to be saved or they simply do not exist.

112 control room

What can be useful call in MOE

This service provides assistance not only in cases involving fires. In fact, you can call it in any incident, the consequences of which can not cope on their own. So, it could be a car accident, as a result of which the body was seriously damaged and people just could not get out. The security forces are armed with a suitable tool that can help deal with this problem.

It can even include such a banal problem as forgotten keys at home and a slammed door. True, you first have to prove that this is your apartment or house, after which the experts will try to open the door as accurately as possible, avoiding unnecessary damage.

The main thing you need to remember - do not try to call for the purpose of jokes. Besides the fact that it can distract from the truly pressing challenges, then you will have serious problems. All calls to such services are recorded and monitored for their source, and for a false call you can get problems with the law. Therefore, it is better to spend your free time on something more productive.


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