How to call an ambulance from a mobile phone

Posted by: 24.05.2018

Today almost everyone has a mobile phone. Often it is used as not only a means of communication, but also a multimedia center, entertainment device or player. In view of this, many have already forgotten that he may be an assistant in an emergency situation. Of course, there will be little use from one smartphone. But with it, in any situation, you can make a call to call the relevant special services, who are always ready to help at the first call. Among them, and emergency medical care, which will be discussed.


Earlier, it was possible to make an ambulance call using a simple number “03”, which everyone knew, from young to old. But time passes, and with it develop technology. Since modern gadgets do not allow calls to numbers in which less than three digits, I had to look for options. City phones in the room received an additional unit, and now you can call the ambulance station by calling "103". Incidentally, this also applies to other services. Thus, a call to the Emergency Situations Ministry can be made by the “101” number, to the police - “102”, and to the emergency gas service - “104”. This information can be useful if your cellular phone is dead, and there is a payphone nearby or some institution equipped with a landline telephone. Mobile operators could not come to a single standard, and this is what came of it. How to call an ambulance from a mobile in this case?

How to call an ambulance from a mobile phone

If in the case of a crime it is possible to survive the loss of any thing, although it will be unpleasant, then in case of health problems it is definitely not worth delaying with the call of the emergency service. In order not to think about how to call an ambulance if necessary, add the following list of numbers to your contacts in advance:

  • 030 - for Tele2;
  • 030 - for MTS;
  • 030 - for Megaphone;
  • 003 - for Beeline.

Calling an ambulance, it should be remembered that in critical situations even seconds can play a role. Having remembered or having written down these numbers, you will be able to assist yourself or passersby at the right time, and thus do a good deed. All calls to these numbers are not charged by the operator, so you can safely call an ambulance from a mobile without worrying about the balance of money in the account. Even with a minus balance, the call will still be made, and you can ask for timely assistance. When you call, try to describe as accurately as possible where you are and what symptoms the patient has. This will determine the urgency of the call and prepare the most qualified team to solve the problem.

ambulance dispatch

Alternative service

And how to call an ambulance from a mobile phone, if, for example, it is blocked? There is also a dispatching office in the country, which combines the duties of all special services. You can reach her at a single number "112". Its advantage is that it is possible to make a call, bypassing any obstacles. In all modern phones, you can quickly set up "112" even with a full lock, including the fingerprint method. In addition, the call will pass even if there is no SIM card in the smartphone or the phone. The main thing is to be at the time of a call in the range of reception of the signal of at least one of the operators.

emergency phone

When you call this service, you can tell the dispatcher about the problem, and he will either accept the call on his own, or forward your call in the appropriate direction. The advantage of the service is that you do not have to remember several different numbers. But at the same time, such a call will take a little longer. Therefore, it is still worth adding them to the phone book in order, if necessary, to minimize the time before the brigade leaves.

A particularly useful “112” number can be if you need to make a call to the scene of a car accident. Often, after it, the help of all the common intelligence services — police, ambulance and rescue — is needed. When you call this dispatch service, information about the incident will immediately be sent to all relevant posts, which will be able to reduce the waiting time and help save someone's life.


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