How to call from iPad. What programs for this use?

Posted by: 11.05.2018

Can I call from an iPad? This question is in the priority list for most of the owners of Apple tablets. It is inconvenient to take a smartphone with a tablet and constantly carry it around, so the owners of the “apple” device want to find an opportunity to make quick phone calls directly from it.

Unfortunately, the working functionality of the tablet makes it impossible to make calls, even have a microphone and headphones, which is not surprising, since the tablet is, you can say, a separate computer. We are not able to make calls from your home computer?

How to make calls from ipad?

This problem can be solved by special applications that connect you with the interlocutor by using the Internet. In order to start using these programs, you will need to set up a stable internet on the tablet. The Apple Tablet supports 2 type Internet access - via 3g and via Wi-Fi.

If we talk about the connection on 3g, everything is almost the same as with smartphones:

  • Insert the SIM card into the tablet.
  • Select the tariff plan of the operator.
  • Set the settings provided by the operator.

Remember that unlimited tariffs are the best option for high-speed 3g Internet, and the low cost of such a tariff is no longer hitting the pocket and you will not need to count the megabytes downloaded from the network.

How to call from iPad

Settings for calls over the Internet

"How to call from ipad" using Skype? Click the “Settings” menu, then go to the “wi-fi” tab. Next should be a list of networks available for work. Network, next to which is installed a lock - require a password. We can assume that we have already connected to the network, go to the applications with which you can make a quick call.

Applications for calls over the Internet

Skype is the most popular and simple. “Can I call from ipad” with its help? Yes. This program boasts a great working functionality, as it allows not only to make calls using voice, but also makes it possible to connect with the interlocutor via video broadcast.

Another IP telephony program that is suitable for making calls via iPad is line2. In some cases, it actually surpasses Skype. This program provides the option to have a conversation with 20 people at the same time, and also enables instant text messaging.. In line2, voice mail is implemented and it is possible to sort incoming and outgoing calls.

cost of

Naturally, these applications cost money and the monthly fee for both programs is in the 10 dollars area. Nevertheless, the creators give a month of free use to assess the merits of the program.

How to call from iPad

In addition, it should be noted that the above utilities are not alone in the list of ip-telephony, however, it does not make sense to analyze each separately, because each of them works according to similar principles.

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