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Posted by: 17.12.2017

Hello everyone, dear readers. In today's post I will tell you as quickly and painlessly as possible for your mobile gadget, transfer contacts from an iPhone to a mobile device based on the Android operating system.

If you suddenly, for some reason, decided to switch from an iPhone to a smartphone based on Android OS, or simply decided to use the Android gadget, then you, quite naturally, have a question and need to transfer data and contacts from an iPhone to an Android device. You can make a transfer in several ways. Each method we consider in more detail separately..

Contacts on iPhone

So, prepare your mobile gadgets, begin the process of transfer. I also recommend that you immediately prepare a personal computer, as well as a USB cable for transferring files with contacts to your mobile device running the Android OS.

My Contacts Backup

My Contacts Backup

It seems to me that the easiest and safest way to transfer contacts from one device to another is to use special software. Such software can be a free program on iOS and Android - My Contacts Backup.

In order to successfully transfer a contact, you need to follow these simple steps:

  • Install the free version of My Contacts Backup on your iPhone. You can download the application for this link;
  • After installing the application, run it on your iPhone and make a backup - vCard. It’s very easy to do; just press one button;
  • After the program collects contacts from your device, enter the email address and send the configured file with contacts to it;
  • Now you need in some way, in this case, download from e-mail, add the created vCard to your Android gadget;
  • Open the previously sent mail file and import all your contacts to your Android gadget.

As you can see everything is very simple. But, there are a couple of important points.

Warning: install on your gadget applications only from official sources, otherwise you risk not only not get the desired results, but also download a virus and or a Trojan program to your Android mobile device. Be careful.



If you, for whatever reason, did not suit you, or simply did not like the previous program, you can use another popular one - Bump. To transfer contacts you need to do the following steps:

  • As in the case of the previous program, you need to install the Bump application on both your devices: iOS and Android;
  • During the installation of the program you need to confirm the access of the program to the contacts on your phone;
  • Now the fun part. In the program, you need to select the item - select all contacts, then a little push the two devices together. During this event, contacts will be transferred from the device to the device.

Let me remind you: install applications only from official sources, in this case the AppStore and Google Play. If you install applications from third-party sites, you can harm your device. According to statistics, 90% of all pirated applications are infected with viruses.



Another way to transfer contacts is to use the cloud storage service - iCloud. To use this method, follow these steps:

  • Check if you have an iCloud account. If you do not have an account, then start it, otherwise contact migration will fail;
  • Now go to iCloud in the web interface (via an ordinary personal computer) and go to the “Contacts” section;
  • Select - select all (Select All), in the drop-down list you need to select the item - Export vCard;
  • By the above operation, you export the file with vCard contacts to your personal computer;
  • РџРѕР »СѓС ‡ енны Р№ С „Р ° Р№Р» РІР ° Рнужно перенестRё РЅР ° РђРЅРґСЂРѕРёРґ РіР ° РР¶РµС RR RR RR RR RR RR RR RR RR RR RR RR RR RR RR RR RR RR RR R C РёРјРїРѕСЂС ‚контР° ктов РЅР ° устройствР°.

It seems to me that this method is a bit more complicated than the previous one, but, all the same, it is also not that complicated. So use.


Well, and finally, another interesting and uncomplicated way to transfer contacts from the device to the device. The way is to use mail from Google - Gmail. So let's start the migration, follow these steps:

  • РќР ° стройте РЅР ° РІР ° С € ем iPhone РїРѕС ‡ ту Gmail (RμSЃR "Ryo RѕRЅR ° Sѓ RІR ° SЃ RμS ‰ Rμ RЅRμ RЅR ° SЃS,SЂRѕRμRЅR °) Ryo PI RЅR ° SЃS,SЂRѕR№RєR ° C ... ‡ RїRѕS S,S <RїRѕSЃS,R ° RІSЊS,Rμ RіR ° F" РѕС ‡ РєСѓ - СЃРёРЅС… СЂРѕРЅРёР · Р ° С † РёСЏ контР° ктов;
  • Now you need to turn off, if enabled, synchronization with iCloud, without deleting contacts;
  • In your account settings, set Gmail as standard;
  • After the phone book is synchronized with Gmail, you can download it from the mail on your Android gadget.

Today I have everything, I hope you have been helped by this note in correctly transferring contacts from your iOS gadget to a mobile device running the Android operating system. I would be very grateful if you share this useful note in your accounts on popular social networks.

If you know any other interesting way to transfer contacts from the device to the device, then you can share this method in the comments to this post..

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