How can I copy contacts from phone to sim card

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Mobile users often wonder how to copy contacts from a phone to a SIM card. If a person buys, for example, Google Nexus 6 and inserts a card from an old Samsung into a new smartphone to move all his contacts, he may be surprised to find that not all numbers are available. There is a way to help you copy a complete list of contacts without losing data and complicated manipulations.

Transferring contacts to SIM

Why you may need to copy to SIM?

If the user encounters certain difficulties when trying to transfer contacts, then this is quite normal. Usually such problems are related to the fact that the numbers on the Android phone are stored in 2 in different places: on the SIM card and in the internal memory. It is better and more convenient to store numbers on the SIM card than on the built-in storage device of the mobile device. Thanks to this, the transition to a new smartphone will avoid many problems.

Why do I need to transfer contacts

Contacts that are stored in the device’s memory will not be automatically transferred to the new phone. In today's world, users very often change their devices, so you need to find a simple and fast way to copy all the numbers to the SIM card of your Android device before you have to replace it with another phone.

To copy contacts to the SIM card of a smartphone, it is recommended to use the Coolmuster Android Assistant application for Windows and Mac operating systems. With this program you can copy numbers in VCF (Vcard File) and BAK formats from computer to phone without any data loss.

How to transfer phone numbers?

The owner of the gadget can copy contacts from the SIM to the PC in HTML, VCF and BAK formats, as well as add new numbers to the mobile device in batch mode using a special tool. It is an easy-to-use manager that also helps the user transfer text messages, photos, videos, music, applications, and more between the phone and computer. You can download the free trial version of Coolmuster Android Assistant to check the functionality of the program. The installation process is extremely simple. After installation, you can immediately start transferring numbers to your SIM card.

Coolmuster Android Assistant

To copy entries on the SIM card, you must perform the following steps:

  1. Launch Coolmuster Android Assistant and connect your phone to computer via USB cable. Alternatively, you can use a wireless Wi-Fi connection. Android Assistant should automatically detect the mobile device. It is necessary to check if USB debugging is enabled on the phone. After debugging is enabled, the user will see the main interface of the program.
  2. Go to the “Contacts” tab in the left column. Open it to see where all the numbers are stored on Android. To transfer numbers to the SIM card, click the "Import" button in the top line and find the folder where the VCF or JSON files are stored, for further import.

These are all the steps required to copy contacts to the SIM card of your Android phone. The process of transferring data is usually smooth and does not cause any difficulties. Coolmuster Assistant is 1 from those specific programs with a narrow focus that do an excellent job with their tasks.

Video review: transfer of contacts

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