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Posted by: 27.02.2018

One of the most popular companies, which is engaged in the development and creation of various mobile, as well as computer equipment, is Apple. Their products are in incredible demand. But the most popular acquired legendary iPhone. This brand of phones occupies a leading place in the number of sales and makes it completely deserved. But there is nothing perfect in the world. Everything that surrounds people has some flaws. In this article will be considered all sorts of disadvantages and disadvantages of the iPhone, which could be eliminated.

File system

The problem of the file system is that the subscriber is not given the opportunity to work with the file received by mail outside such mail program. The subscriber cannot save the received file to another, even the most ordinary, substance, in order to work with it from a different application (as it happens with various photos). If something else was received by mail, for example, a song or video, it is allowed to open them only in the mail.


Despite the fact that it became much easier to deal with iTunes and you can transfer an album with music using Wi-Fi, it is still quite inconvenient. It is not allowed to download music from another computer or from other sources except your own. As a result, there are many problems and inconveniences when you need to save a song on your phone, since you can only do it bypassing all prohibitions, and this is quite long, cumbersome and inconvenient.


The difficulty arises when changing the standard ringtone to something more original, unique, interesting and fun. There are two ways to solve this issue, but both of them are paid and rather incomprehensible. With the help of one you can buy a new ringtone, and the second allows you to create it yourself, but even for this you need to pay a certain amount. There is another method through iTunes, but it is much harder, so it should not even be considered.

Interface customization

The problem here is that when a person has an incredibly large number of different applications, he has to create a lot of folders in order to at least sort them into groups, but this is not always the case. The fact is that one folder allows you to put in yourself only 16 icons, not one more. That is why it turns out that several folders of the same type of content are created, for example, 3 folders with games, but it is more convenient to store all the games in one. The consequence of this drawback is a large number of folders, and, accordingly, cluttering up the working pages of the phone, sloppy interface pages.


In this case, each user is faced immediately with several drawbacks of such gadgets:

  1. When a subscriber talks on his iPhone, he can’t get into the log of incoming as well as outgoing calls. But quite often it happens that you need to look or dictate the number of someone from those who just called. You have to switch off, write down a number, and only then come back in touch with your interlocutor.
  2. After the end of the conversation, the window with information about this call continues to hang on the screen for some time. It lasts about 3-4 seconds. When you urgently need to dial someone after a conversation, you have to wait, or press the “Home” button and enter the journal or contacts in a new way. It often happens that the user does not get on the desired contact. It is precisely at such moments that you have to wait for these few seconds in order to dial an already demanded person.
  3. When a call comes in, the interlocutor does not immediately hear the person he is dialing. In the first 2 seconds after picking up the handset, it is better not to speak if you do not wish to repeat “Xlo” 2 or three times.
  4. New mode of raising the tube from the lock state. The subscriber can answer the call with a message, moreover, the template can be already selected or you can create it yourself. This is very convenient, but there is a problem nearby. It often happens that when the phone gets to pick up the phone, this key is accidentally touched, so that the call gets lost and you can’t cancel it. Even if you will not send a message and clicked on the button accidentally, the call is beaten instantly. It would be much better if for confirmation it was necessary to carry out some small operation.

cost of

The disadvantage of any iPhone is also the high cost. Despite the fact that all gadgets are very high quality, comfortable and have high technical characteristics, their price is a bit high. People pay in large part for the brand and its popularity.

Deficiencies in the design

The disadvantages of this group include such items as:

  1. Inability to install SD cards.
  2. You can not put a second card, respectively, you need to communicate only through one mobile operator, or purchase another phone.
  3. The battery can not be removed, respectively, to change it yourself, no matter how much you want, it still does not work out, but the professionals will have to pay for this business very, very expensive.

Battery specifications

Currently, the battery of these gadgets is already a bit weak. There are phones that can save charge significantly longer than the mobile devices in question.

Also a disadvantage is the fact that this type of mobile phones do not have Bluetooth, respectively, to throw someone some materials quickly and immediately on the phone does not work.

Despite the above shortcomings and shortcomings of the iPhone, this phone continues to be one of the best on the world market, enjoys incredible popularity, is the most popular phone on the entire planet and retains this position, most likely, for many years to come.

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