How to determine the model of your iPad

Posted by: 19.12.2017

iPad - tablets of the world-famous company Apple, are very popular among consumers. There are, of course, reasons for this that cannot be listed, because they are already clear.

Tablets are available from 2010 year, and sometimes there is a need to find out what kind of "apple" beast you have in your hands.

You can find out the iPad model in a couple of ways: either by the model number on the back cover, or by external signs.

The second method is quite difficult, since all the tablets from Apple are similar. Determine by model number much simpler, but in order to become a “rooted” user, you need to know both ways.



Apple's first tablet came out in 2010 year, and made a lot of noise in society. It is not difficult to recognize it even by external signs - the absence of either the front or rear camera, the front panel is only black and excessive “angularity”.

Depending on the model, you can find two models in the back: A1219 (Wi-Fi) and A1337 (Wi-Fi + 3G).

iPad 2

The new model, which was released in 2011, was very thin and became smaller in size. Appeared variability in colors - white or black. Appeared immediately two cameras: rear and front. On the back cover you can find three combinations: A1395 (Wi-Fi), A1397 (CDMA) and A1396 (GSM).

iPad 3

A year later, the public with open arms met the third version of their favorite gadget. The tablet has become slightly thicker, the 30-pin connector, which serves to charge the gadget, has become a little wider. Three models are available: A1403 (Wi-Fi + Cellular (VZ)), A1416 (Wi-Fi), A1430 (Wi-Fi + Cellular).

iPad mini

iPad mini

A few months before the end of the world, the world saw, greatly surprised, an iPad - a “dwarf”, or a smaller version of large iPads. First of all, of course, this tablet differs from its predecessors in size.

Also for the first time appeared a new connector for charging Lightning. There was a new color - blue - grayish. There are still three models left: A1432, A1454 and A1455.

iPad 4

At the same conference, when the first version of the smaller iPad appeared, a new version of the regular tablet version appeared. Getting to know him by external signs is not easy, the only thing that distinguishes is the new charging connector and the new color.

iPad mini with Retina display

Externally, the new model is no different. Nothing at all. Two generations can be distinguished only by taking one representative in each hand. On the second version of the tablet image will be clearer. There were two combinations of letters and numbers: A1489 (Wi-Fi) and A1490 (Wi-Fi + Cellular).

iPad Air

iPad Air

The new version of the device has become much more “smooth” and diminutive compared to all previous models, this is indicated by the translation of its name from English - “air”, “air”; due to the narrow frames, the screen has kept the size of 9.7 inches.

Also, a distinctive feature is the two speakers located in the bottom of the case. Two models are available: A1474 and A1475.

iPad Air 2

You can find out the second generation of the “air-apple” tablet by the absence of the switch button for the silent mode. Also appeared a variant of golden colors. Behind you can find two options for the combination: A1566 (Wi-Fi) and A1567 (LTE).

iPad mini 3

iPad mini 3

It seems that the designer of Apple when developing a new version of the mini-tablet has come a creative crisis, since the tablet looks different from previous generations, except for the golden version of the case.

iPad Pro

How to determine the model of your iPad

The latest, at the moment, the iPad, has an enlarged screen and improved performance.

Now you can safely and confidently answer any question about the version of the iPad, which you can ask your friend, or girl, or mother. For example, "What is my iPad?", Or something else.

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