How can I find the iPhone through a computer device

Posted by: 11.06.2018

Many people after losing their phone are very worried and worried, because their personal property is lost. It is also worth saying that not many owners of such a beautiful brand phone as an iphone do not know that their telephone device is quite possible to find through another device, in this case, a computer.

Moreover, such people do not know how this can be done. Therefore, it is for these people in the article we describe the whole possibility of returning their phone..

Search technology

After the new version of the OS for iphone has been released under the name of IOS, the owners of the phones of this brand can breathe a sigh of relief, because they have a new function called “find iphone from computer”.


And so, first go to the setup mode, then find in this mode the column where it says “find my device” in a specific section. First of all, it should be noted that this function should be in action all the time, because if it is turned off find your iphone, because if it is otherwise, then all the odds are zero.

How to find iPhone from computer


To find your phone through a computer, you must use iCloud. It is also worth noting that this function is made from any computer; it is worth paying attention to it. Also, you do not need to download any program or something like that, the main thing is to go to the iCloud website.

And already through such a program you can approximately find out where your phone is located..

It happens that there are several mobile devices directly in one account, in this case all mobile devices will be located on the map. If you need to select only one device, then you need to find the button under the name of the device and of course click on it.

But there is a drawback and it is that your mobile device must connect to the Internet. In the event that a specific place cannot be detected, the last place in the last 24 hours will be written and shown on the map..

IPhone Search

What to do if you could not find the phone through this site

First of all, do not despair, because there is still a site where you can find a lost phone. There are sites on the Internet that offer to find a phone through IMEI. On this site there are all the necessary information about the lost phones.

It is also possible to delete all your information from the phone through a computer and similar sites, or to first dump it to a computer, then delete it from the phone.

Additional ways

There are also many additional devices, with their help you can easily find your lost gadget. If the phone is located not far from the location of the computer through which the direct search is performed, then you can activate the function, in which case the phone will produce a loud enough sound. It is worth noting that the phone will make a sound even if the phone is in silent mode, that is, without sound.

But the best thing is not to lose your phones. On this all, I will be glad if you leave a comment to this, small, note.

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