Why does not work part of the touch screen on the phone

Posted by: 20.03.2018

Electronic components may break if used carelessly. If a part of the touch screen on the phone does not work, this can be caused by both the temperature mode of use and mechanical damage.

Part of the screen stopped working

To repair the touch screen of a smartphone or tablet that does not respond to touch, will help competent diagnosis. Sometimes simple cleaning combined with disassembling the case helps. However, if after all user actions the device does not turn on, it will have to be carried to the service, and this may lead to additional costs.

Causes of breakage

We can distinguish the following reasons why part of the screen does not work:

Oxidation of touch phone contacts

  1. Contact oxidation due to condensation. Moisture trapped inside the device can lead to complete or partial loss of performance. Oxidized contacts no longer respond to processor commands and transfer them to the screen. To eliminate the effects of liquid ingress, it is necessary to disassemble the apparatus and clean the internal components. To do this, you can use alcohol, applied to a cotton swab or tampon. After this procedure, the phone should turn on in normal mode.
  2. Cracks on the surface of the screen. Due to microdamage of the sensor, it stops responding to pressing. Such damage occurs due to falls or strikes on the screen. You can identify cracks on the display by carefully examining its surface. If a part of the touchscreen is covered with cracks, then it is possible to restore the performance by using touch screen replacement device.
  3. Disabling touchscreen contacts as a result of bias. Usually, as a result, the lower or upper half of the screen does not work. To diagnose the displacement of the contacts, you need to disassemble the device and see if the visual order of the symmetry of the components is violated. If you see the displacement of the contacts, you can try to correct them with tweezers. In addition, part of the elements is fixed on the glue, which can melt at high temperatures and shift the contact. In order for the upper part to return to its place, you need to heat the mount with a hair dryer and return the component to its original position.

Features of operation of electronic devices

In addition to these breakdowns, electronic devices can start to malfunction due to the nature of the internal architecture. Limiting the size of components affects their power reduction, if the tablet screen does not respond to touch - this may be due to the device being overloaded with a large number of demanding applications. For prevention, you need to run the task manager. Find out how the device’s CPU is loaded and disable unnecessary applications.

Task Manager

Electronic devices have an increased sensitivity of screen sensors. The situation when the screen of the tablet or phone does not work may be associated with trivial pollution. The accumulation of grease and dust on the surface leads to the fact that the tablet does not respond to touch.

If the screen does not work on the tablet - the best solution would be to take it to the diagnostics service center. For most models, there is a very long warranty that will allow you to replace the device with another device without defects or return the money without additional costs. If the case is not guaranteed, you may simply need to buy a new gadget and then treat it more carefully.

Video review of the causes of screen breakdowns

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