Why is your iPad mini not charging and how to fix it

Posted by: 30.11.2017

Nowadays, the demand for all the various electronic devices is enormous, it is almost impossible to imagine a modern person without, for example, a telephone.

The tablets are also not far behind: from the computer they are mainly distinguished by the size, therefore, they are more convenient and fit into a handbag, in contrast to this seemingly antediluvian computer.

Alas, science has not yet found a perpetual motion machine and all our devices cannot do without extra electricity. Small chargers are no less comfortable to use, but here is a nuisance: sooner or later everyone was confronted with the fact that their iPhone or iPad mini or something similar is suddenly not charging.

What is the matter? Breakdown of the charger or a problem with the tablet? The roots of the problems are very different and we will tell you about some of them.

IPad does not charge

Cable damage

The first in line of failure may be the charger cable, for example, a violation of the contact connection. Or you too often folded it “into a bundle”, which is not the best effect on the wires and your iPad mini is absolutely not charging.

Then, if you have a multimeter, first make sure that the charger really does not work. In the positive case will have to fork out for a new.

Port fault

Perhaps it happened in poor-quality material - say, the plug is loosened, perhaps in messy use and therefore your tablet is not charging. Here, most likely, only a trip to the service center will help.

Water in the board

Spilled tea, wiped and forgotten? IPad mini and others like him will not forget! The device is now not charging, and you are puzzled. At home, cleaning is problematic, the master knows more than that.


In addition to the above, the cause sometimes becomes a banal port clogging: there can easily get small debris, which scored important contacts. Even in cases dust accumulates, so no one is immune from such annoying, but troubling, misunderstandings. The unit is not charging, but all you need is to take a thin needle and clean the nest. But if you are not sure of your accuracy, it is better to entrust the work to an experienced friend.

Non-Original USB Wires

It happens and this. According to experience, they are not as durable as their real brethren. The solution is simple - buy a charger in a special store.

And what not to do if your device suddenly does not charge:

  • Angry, nervous, pull the cord, in the hope that charging to your iPad mini will work. So easy to do worse.
  • Play mechanics when you last dealt with electrical mechanisms ... but never had. Better not to risk it.
  • To blindly trust information on the Internet, because your case can be quite special. Service centers are not asleep, and very ready for work and defense.

IPad does not charge

But apart from that, there is another question: why does the iPad mini remain uncharged when the charger is connected to the computer? Are there any problems and you have to spend time and money? Do not worry. Reason why not iPhone is chargingiPad mini, etc. from a computer is very simple.

The fact is that an ordinary, not-too-powerful computer does not have such a good power supply for quickly replenishing the energy of an iPad mini or iPhone, etc.. As a result, they write on the screen that the energy is replenishing, but the result is not visible. In this case, the tablet should be put into sleep mode and not touch it, then, although slowly, but everything will be.

Well, if the turtle charge is not for you, you can use the radical method and buy a laptop from Apple - it is certainly calculated, unlike your old computer, for a suitable charge of his brainchild. But this is only for loyal fans.

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