How can I transfer money from my phone to another mobile account?

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One of the popular options (sometimes the only one) that allows you to replenish your cellular account is the transfer of mobile phone funds. It is worth remembering that each operator has his own method of transferring money. Therefore, you first need to decide on what number the transfer will be made.

how to transfer money from phone to phone

Beeline: transfer

Beeline subscribers need to figure out how to transfer money from phone to phone. Beeline provides 3 options for transferring funds. The following methods are available to users:

  • USSD service;
  • Message;
  • Web site.

Regardless of the method chosen, the money will be debited in minutes.

Team to transfer funds

Users who decide to send money to a mobile phone are advised to dial the command: * 145 * 9061234567 * 140 #. Within 30 seconds, the device will receive a message with a code for confirmation. The completion of the operation will be the input: * 145 * XXXX #, where XXXX is the code from the SMS. Money will be listed in 3 minutes.

SMS sending

To transfer money you need to create a new SMS. The destination should be “7878”. As for the text, it should be the following: “9061234567 140”, where 9061234567 is the phone number and 140 is the means for the transaction.

After 30 seconds, a message will arrive that describes the actions that will allow the transfer to be completed. After its execution, the money will be withdrawn from the account.

Private office Beeline

Money from one phone to another can be transferred through the website. It is recommended to go to the website, then click on the link "My Account". The login number is used as a login. Password can be obtained via SMS.

After entering the personal account, users need to click on the hyperlink with anchor “Payment and Finance”. In the next step you need to select "Translate". In addition, you need to choose which subscriber will make the transfer.

how to transfer money

To complete a transfer, you need:

  • Click on the operator icon;
  • Enter the phone number;
  • Indicate your number;
  • Enter the amount of the transaction;
  • Enter the code confirming the operation.

Within a few seconds, the transaction will be completed. It is important to note that a text message containing the secret code can be sent to confirm the transaction.

Allowable Limits

Before transferring funds to another phone, it is recommended that you read the requirements:

  • Within 24 hours only 300 rub can be sent. The maximum allowable amount of one-time transfer is 150 rubles;
  • The limits for transactions made through the website are much higher;
  • During 24 hours, only 5 operations can be performed. Between each transfer, the interval must be more than 120 seconds;
  • At least 60 rubles should remain on the account.

MegaFon: transfer

People connected to the MegaFon operator are sometimes interested in how to transfer money to the phone of relatives or friends. To transfer funds, use one of the following methods:

  • USSD service;
  • SMS;
  • MegaFon website.

Regardless of the method chosen, the money will be transferred within 2-3 minutes, to the specified account.

Using USSD service

You can send funds to a friend or relative, through the USSD service. To do this, the keyboard dials: * 133 * 140 * 9231234567 #, where 140 is transferable and “9231234567” is the cellular recipient.

Within one minute, you will receive a text message with a code confirming the operation. It is important to remember about the write-off of interest for the operation performed.

Transfer of funds through the message

Transfer funds possible via SMS. To do this, the user will need to create a new SMS, then in the field of the addressee specify “3116”. In the text field, you should enter "9231234567 140", where "9231234567" is a telephone number, and "140" is cash.

Enumeration via SMS is not particularly popular with subscribers. Most likely this is due to the fact that the SMS-transfer has an overestimated commission.

MegaFon website

After the transition to the Internet resource, you need to find "Services and options." After that you need to select "Additional Services". To make a transfer, the user should select the section "Transfer to another phone."

money from one phone to another

When the new page opens, you will need to specify:

  • Value (in rubles);
  • Cell sender;
  • Cell recipient.

To make a transaction, you only need to click on the "Transfer" button. The transfer will be completed in 3-4 minutes.

Restrictions on transfers

MegaFon, like any other operator, imposes restrictions on making money transfers. The subscriber should remember that:

  1. For a month, you can transfer no more than 5000 rubles .;
  2. For 1, a person can transfer from 1 to 500 rub .;
  3. After the operation, the invoice amount must be 30 or more rubles.

For each transfer is a commission.

Transfers from MTS

Sometimes MTS subscribers are interested in whether it is possible to make a transfer from their cellular. The operator provides for the transaction in the following ways:

  • Sending a text message;
  • USSD service;
  • Service "Easy payment".

Payments via SMS

First, subscribers need to create a new message. In the address line you need to specify the "recipient's phone number". In the body of the message you need to write: "# transfer 140", where "140" is the sum of the tranche.

Through 2-3, the second will “arrive” by the response SMS from the “6996” number. To complete a transaction, you must follow the instructions in the message. When the money is delivered, another SMS will be sent to the phone with a report.

Using USSD service

To make a possible payment through the USSD service, users need to dial: * 112 * 9831234567 * 140 #, where "9831234567" is the cellular recipient, and "140" is the amount of the tranche.

Within 30 seconds, an SMS message will be received containing the secret code. Then you will need to enter the USSD command: * 112 * XXXX #, where XXXX is the secret code. When the user confirms the service, the transfer will be made.

Service "Easy payment"

On the official Internet resource of the MTS operator there is a service “Easy payment”. After going to the service page, you need to enter the section "Financial services and payments", then select the sub-item "To mobile phone".

to another phone

To complete the transfer you need:

  • Click on the operator icon;
  • Specify the cell, which will be transferred;
  • Set the checkbox in front of the item “From the MTS mobile account”.

SMS with a secret code will be delivered to the smartphone. It is important to note that when translating, the administration of an Internet resource charges a fee of 10,45%.

Restrictions on payments

Like any other operator, MTS imposes some restrictions on making a transfer from a mobile account. Limitations are as follows:

  • For one operation can be transferred from 1 to 300 rub .;
  • After the end of the banking operation, the invoice amount must be at least 90 rubles;
  • For 24 hours you can transfer a maximum - 1500 rub .;
  • Subscriber numbers must be registered in the same region;
  • The percentage taken for transfers to the numbers of other operators is 10.

Tele2 Money Transfer

Unlike other operators, Tele2 allows subscribers to use only 2 money transfer methods. These include:

  • USSD team;
  • Mobile Commerce service.

Each of the methods allows you to quickly transfer money, but for this you have to pay a commission.

Using USSD service

To transfer money to a friend or relative, it is recommended to dial the following command: * 145 * 89531234567 * 140 #, where 89531234567 is the cellular recipient and 140 is the funds for the transfer.

During 2 minutes, an SMS will be sent to the phone confirming the transfer. The report will contain the recipient’s number and the amount of the tranche.

Mobile Commerce Service

To make a transfer of funds via the Internet, you must visit the site Tele2. To complete the transfer, go to the tab “Payment for goods and services”, and then select “Mobile Communication”.

transfer money

When the page loads, you will need to complete the following steps:

  1. Select operator;
  2. Specify the number of the subscriber;
  3. Enter the transfer amount;
  4. Click on the button "Pay".

Restrictions on payments

Users are advised to familiarize themselves with the following restrictions:

  • Only those users who have spent more than 100 rubles during the existence of a SIM card can transfer;
  • You can transfer no more than 600 rubles per day;
  • On 1 number, only 1 transfer can be made;
  • At least 20 rubles must remain on the account;
  • Borrowed users cannot make transfers.

Also do not forget about the commission. Sending funds to other operators is charged a fee in the amount of 5 rubles and 5% of the amount transferred.

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