Why is the phone slowly charging

Posted by: 24.01.2018

The phone slowly charging causes
If the phone is slowly charging it is not necessary to think that the battery has exhausted itself during the continuous operation of the device, the reason may be much simpler. Deal with the problem that is associated with slow charging of the smartphone can be solved fairly quickly by understanding the cases in which the phone is charging for a long time. There are several reasons, the main thing is to follow the instructions, and then you will be able to make your own smartphone work perfectly. In some cases, the mobile device is not only poorly charged, but also quickly charged. The reasons for these troubles are described in this article, and each user will be able to figure it all out for himself.

Bad contact

Sometimes it is because of bad contacts that the smartphone starts to charge for an extremely long time. This can be either a damaged USB charging cable or a manufacturer’s defect, since the contacts on the battery can be clogged. To cope with this problem quite easily. If the smartphone has a removable battery, it is necessary to remove and clean it with a thin needle - the metal coating of the battery. It is necessary to act carefully, because there is a possibility that after the done actions, the battery will cease to function.

Damaged cable

The most fragile part among the huge list is considered to be the charging cable. Due to the constant bends, the cable quickly fails, and under such circumstances, the smartphone starts to charge extremely long. With this problem, there can be no question - “What to do?”. After all, the answer is quite simple, you need to go to the nearest store where accessories for mobile equipment are sold and there to buy a new cable, provided that it is the problem that lies there.

Garbage in the USB port

Another reason the smartphone starts charging slowly is, of course, garbage in the port where the USB charging cable is inserted. The reason for the entry of garbage is extremely simple, and the masters who associate with the repair of mobile equipment often face this tricky issue. People carry their smartphones in jeans pockets, because of this, small fibers get into the port, because of which the connector is clogged and the phone starts to slowly charge. You can cope with this problem even at home. It is necessary to take a powerful hair dryer and blow this connector, in addition, you can use a compressor or compressed air from a special cylinder.

Not working adapter

Another reason why a smartphone starts charging for a long time is the adapter. Due to falls, various mechanical damage, the adapter occasionally fails. To test it for operability, it is enough to try using it to charge another mobile phone. If there is a similar problem on the next device, you definitely have to buy a new charging adapter for your gadget.

Battery problem

It must be understood that nothing eternal happens. Almost everything on any of the days can fail. The battery also has an expiration date. And he is about five years old. After this period, the phone can, in general, begin to discharge in almost an hour, it will be charged for a long time and there will be a whole bunch of different problems (switching off in the cold, and so on). The only valid option in this situation would be just buying a new battery. If the battery began to behave incorrectly after six months of use - this is an abnormal case, and then you should contact the seller with complaints.

Charging from the right source

Some users begin to charge their smartphone from different sources - it could be laptops, computers, various wireless charging, and so on. Referring to this category should not be asked in service centers: - “Why the phone takes a long time to charge.” The only true source for charging your smartphone will be exactly the outlet. The whole reason lies in the fact that the ports of laptops, wireless charging give very little power and because of this, smartphones begin to charge for a long time.

Turn off the smartphone

At times, just rebooting your own device helps to solve the problem, because of which the smartphone quickly sits down. All this is due solely to the fact that a lot of background applications are open, due to which a fast discharge of the purchased device occurs. Turning off the phone helps to clear the RAM, thereby closing running tasks.

Software Update

Repeatedly it was such that it was after updating the current version of the software that the smartphone began to discharge quickly. It turns out that an incorrect firmware update may affect the autonomy of the smartphone. The solution to this problem is rolling back to the previous version of the software.


A huge number of cases in which a smartphone on the Android platform, iOS could quickly sit down and charge for a long time were dismantled. Informed users themselves can now draw certain conclusions for themselves. Buying a new battery may not always solve the problem, as many of the citizens used to think; sometimes you need to figure out the reason why you need to come up with a list of actions. At times, even the most trivial reason may affect the autonomy of the device. And having dealt with such a trifle can save yourself a lot of money without buying unnecessary (unnecessary) parts.

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