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Watch movies or cartoons more conveniently on a larger screen. Therefore, it is worth thinking about how to connect the smartphone to the TV. It should be noted that any user will cope with this task, but you need to deal with all existing methods. Only after that it will be possible to start connecting the mobile device to the TV.

how to connect the phone to the TV

Ways to connect the phone to the TV

Since connecting a smartphone to a TV can sometimes be useful, you need to understand all the methods. In fact, there are several ways that can transmit an image on TV:

  • USB cable;
  • HDMI cable;
  • Wireless connection;
  • Analog wire.

Each of the methods is unique, so it is recommended to explore all the possibilities, and only then connect the mobile device to the TV.

USB connection

Since it is easiest to connect the phone to the TV via usb, it’s worth considering. Each smartphone has a Micro USB port, and a TV has a USB port. It is important to understand that only modern TVs have a similar connector.

how to connect the phone to the TV via usb

To connect the smartphone to the TV via usb, you must use the cable for charging. After both devices are connected, set the read mode. It is worth considering that this function is located in the device settings.

On the Samsung TV, to turn on the reading mode, click on the USB or Multimedia button. In the LG and Sony products on the remote there is a “Home” button. Another common option that allows you to go into read mode is the “Source” key.

After pressing the button, a specialized menu will open. To select a signal source, click on the “USB” icon. Then a menu will appear in which you should decide which types of files will open on TV. It is important to note that the smartphone when connected via the UBS interface acts as a storage medium.

It is also useful to know how to connect the tablet to the TV via usb. In fact, everything is simple, the procedure is carried out as well as connecting a smartphone. The only difference may be the location of the menu items.

After watching the movie, you need to remember to change the source of the signal. This method is convenient because there is always a YUSB cable at hand, since it comes bundled with the device. At the same time at the time of working with files, a smartphone or tablet is charging.

HDMI interface

What to do if there is no possibility to connect to the TV via USB? How to connect Android to the TV in this case? You can use the HDMI cable. In contrast to the YUSB interface, this connection method allows you to duplicate the contents of the smartphone screen on the TV.

It is worth considering the nuance that to connect the device to the TV will have to purchase a special adapter. If there is no such tool, the user will not be able to connect to the TV. This is due to the fact that smartphones have no HDMI port.

After connecting the cable to the TV, you need to set the signal - HDMI. The same goes for the phone. When the setting is complete, the contents of the smartphone screen will be displayed on the TV. At the same time, it is possible to watch movies, open photos, play, and also visit Internet resources.

how to connect android to tv

An alternative to conventional HDMI cable can be:

  1. Mhl
  2. SlimPort.

This is a kind of adapter, at one end is a Micro USB, and at the other end is a connector for an HDMI cable. Regardless of the chosen standard, you can transfer high-quality video as well as sound to the TV screen.

Connect via Wi-Fi

The most common way to transfer images from a tablet to a TV is to use a wireless connection. With the development of information technology wired connection goes into the background. This is due to the fact that the wires interfere with the normal movement of the room. In addition, the wires can quickly be damaged. Modern smartphones, like TVs, can connect to a single Wi-Fi network.

how to broadcast video from phone to tv

To connect Android to the TV via Wi-Fi, you need to use one of the existing technologies:

  • DLNA;
  • Direct;
  • Miracast.

DLNA technology

Most modern TVs are equipped with DLNA technology. As for the old devices, they have no such function. Users who have outdated TV models should not be upset, as you can use a media player or an Android Stick.

As for the phone, you will have to additionally install a DLNA server. After that it will need to be configured:

  • Enter settings;
  • In "Сеть"Find item"Sharing and connection";
  • In the next step, find the section "Media server";
  • To broadcast video from a smartphone to a TV, you must check the box next to “Content Access Mode";
  • Decide on the type of content (you can choose a photo, music or video).

After completing the settings, you can display the image from the phone to the TV. The smartphone will act as a server. For the connection to work correctly, you need to enable the UPnP mode in the router.

Wi-Fi Direct

How to connect the phone to the TV if there is no access point? Modern devices support such technology as Wi-Fi Direct. Thanks to this functionality, the smartphone can directly connect to the TV. In this case, the smartphone is determined by the TV as a multimedia device.

To connect the phone to the TV, you must perform the following steps:

  • In the settings of the smartphone to enable Wi-Fi access;
  • All the same is done on the TV. If it is difficult to find a function, you need to read the instructions;
  • A list of available devices appears on the TV. You will need to select your smartphone. After that, the devices will be synchronized.

Since it is easy to broadcast video from a phone to a TV, anyone can use this method. The only thing worth remembering is that smartphones with outdated versions of Android do not support this technology.

Wi-Fi Miracast

In modern devices, a new technology - Miracast. With this feature, you can connect devices without a router. To enable the function you need:

  1. On the TV enter the settings section.
  2. Find and enable the Miracast feature.
  3. On the smartphone enter the "Screen" section.
  4. Among the available devices to choose the desired TV.

As soon as the settings are completed, the contents of the smartphone will be transferred to the TV display.

Miracast has several advantages over other wireless technologies. These include:

  • Fast transfer of "bulk" files;
  • Protect your wireless connection using WPA2 encryption;
  • Two-way transmission of information;
  • The ability to transfer 3D files.

Thanks to the possibilities of technology, you can watch a movie of any quality or play games.

Analog cable connection

An old TV has no USB and HDMI ports, and also can not connect to wireless networks. How in this case to connect the smartphone with the TV and whether it can be done at all?

video from smartphone to tv

In fact, everything is not so bad. Connecting a smartphone to an old TV is possible. We recommend using analog cables for this:

  • RCA;
  • VGA;
  • S-Video;
  • Scart

It should be noted that on the other side of the cable is a Micro USB connector. It must be remembered that such cables are not claimed, so they will have to be searched in online stores. In this case, only a low quality image can be transmitted.

How to display an image using an analog cable? It's simple, you need to connect the wire to the device, and then on the TV to turn on the AV mode. After that, it remains to choose one possible file. It will be possible to display both a video file and photos.

Video instructions for connecting the phone to the TV

To sum up

Smartphone owners can connect their devices to TVs. There are several ways to synchronize these devices. It should be noted that older devices can also be connected to each other. Users are advised to analyze each existing method and then select a more suitable option. It is best to choose a method according to your needs.

If the user has a modern smartphone and TV, it is best to connect via Wi-Fi using Miracast technology. Because of this, you will not need to separately purchase a router.

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