Software to control monopod (selfie stick)

Posted by: 28.10.2017

Modern digital devices do not cease to amaze us with their capabilities. If you go back to 10-15 years ago, mobile devices were mainly used for phone calls, sending text or picture messages.

Today, some models of modern gadgets in their performance and functionality compete with digital cameras, laptops or tablet computers, combining many useful functions and options. Well, of course, it is impossible not to note such a fashionable trend in photography, as self-photography, which opens up new horizons for mobile gadget owners in photography..

What is a self-shooting and what is a monopod for?

Monopod (stick for selfie)

The term self comes from the English word "self" which literally means "himself" or "itself." That is, selfie is essentially one of the directions, types of photography for creating self portraits, using a camera, tablet PC, smartphones, iPhones and other modern gadgets. You can create selfies in a variety of ways.

For example, you can capture yourself against the backdrop of a beautiful landscape at arm's length, using an external built-in camera, using mirrors, or using a special, convenient device - a monopod for your phone. A monopod or a selfie stick is an adjustable tripod, a telescopic cane that allows you to fix the device and get maximum benefits compared to classic photography..

Monopod management software

In order to avoid problems when connecting and synchronizing with the device, for normal operation, correct operation of the device and obtaining high-quality photos, you must use specially designed programs.

Consider the most popular, functional, accessible applications and programs when connecting monopods to devices running on the Android and iOS operating systems.

SelfiShop Camera

Download in Google Play - link

SelfiShop Camera

SelfiShop Camera application for Android is a functional program for monopod, which has an accessible, simple interface and is equipped with a built-in camera. Using this application, you can quickly connect to any model of selfie-stick through the headset jack (headphones) or Bluetooth.

If a monopod has several buttons for settings, users have the opportunity to make various settings to perform various photography modesthat will be configured for each button. For advanced users, a window is provided for exploring commands received from a monopod or control panel. After installing the application, the program independently determines the model of the selfie stick, offers to choose the type of connection and the optimal settings, depending on the connected device.

In addition, you can select the buttons that will be used to control the zoom and descent, for the implementation of high-quality selfie-shooting, using a monopod. This application is ideal for smartphones with medium and low levels of mobile camera performance.

Camera FV-5

Download in Google Play - link

Camera FV-5

The self-stick program (monopod) Camera FV-5 has a built-in ability to connect to any monopod, regardless of its model, and is equipped with a variety of useful functions that allow you to turn the photo mode into an exciting experience. The application has the following functions:

  • auto focus;
  • white balance support;
  • manual ISO value;
  • setting the exposure and exposure time (from 3 to 7 frames), support for the photography timer;
  • DSLR-style viewfinder;
  • support for graphics standards JPEG, as well as RAW (PNG), which are suitable for further processing;
  • autofocus mode, macro, touch focus.

In addition to the above functions, this application allows the camera to work smoothly in the background or in the process of processing images, without loss of photo quality. Connecting a selfie stick happens using settings and assigning a function to the volume control. After that, the monopod is connected as a headset via a headphone jack or Bluetooth. You can install the free application in Google play.

The cellfie

Download in Google Play - link

Download in the AppStore - link

The cellfie

The Cellfie application (Android and iOS) can be attributed to the simplest, most convenient and functional programs that allow you to connect a selfie stick to an android device or an iPhone running on an OS or iOS. Using this software for monopod, you can make high-quality photos without any additional settings, with the exception of the timer and automatic flash.

To connect a monopod, you just need to enter the "Program Settings" mode, which essentially consist of only one Bluetooth settings item. Using this application, given the simple functionality of the program, to obtain high-quality photographs, you need to experiment a little with focusing and choose the most optimal level of settings for your self-shooting.

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