How to make a phone stand out of wood or paper

Posted by: 17.04.2018

Mobile device users are often interested in how to make a phone stand out of paper or other improvised material. Apple iPhone devices have greatly simplified our daily lives, but their main drawback is that the bundles look incomplete. There is one very important thing that is always missing in the box with a new smartphone. We are talking about a stand that could eliminate the need to constantly hold the phone in your hands and make a pleasant impression on guests, as well as simplify watching movies and entering from a Bluetooth keyboard.

Manufacture of stands for the phone

Smartphones were not originally created to meet the above needs, but this does not prevent users from practicing improvisation. Despite the fact that Apple seeks to please its customers, it has ignored the growing demand for coasters and does not sell them even as separate accessories.

This is why iPhone users have begun to actively create their own racks and exchange experiences with each other. There are many supports on the mobile accessories market, but most of them are quite expensive. If you plan to make your own stand from scrap materials, then it is recommended to use the following tips.

Total 10 can highlight the most practical ideas for creating racks. Your choice will depend on the availability of the necessary materials and subjective preferences. All these methods are not suitable for the iPad. A tablet is a more dimensional and heavy device that will require a rack of other sizes.

Best ways

To make a stand for iPhone, you will need 270 GSM paper, a paper cutting knife and a printer with which you will need to print a pattern. After that, you just have to follow the pattern to cut and fold the necessary structure. You can draw a template yourself or find ready-made markup using search engines. If there is no 270 GSM paper on hand, then you can build a cardboard structure.

We make a stand

Well-known users of Dean and Ying figured out how to make a stand for the phone from a regular paper clip. This will require a video instruction that will show how to carry out this manipulation. If you can not find a suitable video, you can use the PDF file, which contains markup for bends. You can try to create a suitable design from the clip yourself.

If you are interested in a desktop stand for a phone made of wood, you should pay attention to the design of pencils, which will look very elegant, despite its simplicity. All you need is 4-5 pencils and 4-5 thin hair ties (the amount will depend on the size of the iPhone model). Creating a structure does not take much time. The wooden stand will be more stable if you use pencils with rubber bands on the ends. In case of difficulties, you can use the finished instructions.

Despite the fact that Apple does not provide ready-made stands, some accessories from the factory kit may be useful for creating your stand. For example, you can make a rack from a black plastic box in which the iPhone is usually packed. You will also need a sturdy knife to make the necessary cuts on the box. As a result, you will have a stand, created from factory materials.

There is another 1 way to use this black plastic, which will take longer, but the result will look very impressive. You will need a knife, a ruler, double-sided and single-sided adhesive tapes, an iPhone 5s box or another model with a plastic holder, a USB cable and half an hour of free time. It is recommended to use the step-by-step guide in PDF format.

other methods

Comfortable and stylish stand for the smartphone can be made from the designer LEGO. This self-made stand will rotate and allow you to use the phone’s features in landscape mode. In this case, everything will depend on your imagination and the LEGO set that you have. For the rotation function, you need a special element that is often found in the designers of this company.

As a stand for iPhone 7 or another model, you can use the box from the cassette Mini DV. If you install it in a certain position, then it will make an excellent stand. This box is also perfect for storing and transferring headphones. This method can be considered one of the simplest, because the whole difficulty lies in the fact that you need to find this plastic container.

Lego stand

A simple stand can be made with 2 binder clips, of which 1 should be smaller than the other. A small clip is needed to increase sustainability. With this design, you can install the smartphone in portrait mode. More detailed instructions can be obtained from users who have already experienced this reliable method.

The easiest and fastest way to make a stand for iPhone 6 or another model is to use a scotch roll. It is enough to glue the back of the phone to the roll and set the correct angle, after which you can enjoy watching movies. Such a construction can be built literally in 5 seconds.

As a stand, you can use any stable rubber toy that you have at home. With the help of a knife you can cut a hole in it to accommodate the phone. This is far from all possible ways, since the fantasy of mobile users has no boundaries. Many familiar household items can serve as supports for phones.

Video lesson: create a stand

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