How to download a movie on a tablet

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With the development of the technological process, in the life of modern man, various gadgets have appeared. This device can be attributed tablet. The gadget can in some cases replace not only the computer, but also the phone. After a working day or during a long trip, sometimes you want to watch a movie. This is easy to do, but you need to figure out how to download a movie to a tablet in order to watch it without an internet connection.

how to download a movie on a tablet

Ways to download video files

Users who decide to download movies to android can use one of four methods. These include:

  • Connect to computer via USB cable;
  • The use of programs designed for wireless file transfer;
  • Upload files via uTorrent;
  • Using the program AVD Download.

Each method is unique, but even a novice user can handle it. The only thing worth remembering is that everything needs to be done according to the instructions.

Download files from computer

Before downloading video files to a tablet, they must be downloaded from the Internet to a computer. This task will cope easily. When the necessary movies are downloaded to the PC, you can proceed to transfer them to the tablet.

for downloading movies on android

First you need to connect the device to the computer via a USB cable. After connecting, the tablet will be defined in “My Computer” (for Windows 8 and above “This Computer”).

In the next step, you need to enter the folder with the downloaded files. If the download was carried out through a browser, the films will be located in the "Downloads" directory. In other cases, the user chooses where to download files. You need to find the movie you want to download, and then copy it. This can be done with the Ctrl + C key combination or with the right mouse button and selecting the "Copy" item.

Now you need to go to the connected device. After selecting a folder, press Ctrl + V or “paste” from the context menu (right-click). Uploading will take a few minutes. It all depends on the size of the movie.

When the download is complete the device can be turned off. Now it remains only to find the downloaded file on the tablet, and then run it.

The same procedure can be performed without directly connecting the device to the computer. If there is no USB cable, you can get an SD card from the tablet and then connect it to a PC using an internal or external card reader. File uploading is done in the same way as in the above described method.

File Transfer Program

Sometimes the reader and USB cable may not be nearby. In this case, the program will help:

  • Xender;
  • SHAREit;
  • WiFi File Sender.

how to download a movie on the phone

Of course there are other programs, but this is the most popular. The application is installed on the tablet. You can download it through Google Play. It is important to note that the program should be installed on the computer. Find applications is easy, just use the search.

When the file manager is installed, you need to run it on both devices. After synchronization, which is carried out via Wi-Fi connection, the selected files will start downloading.

The advantage of this method is the high speed file transfer, as well as the absence of wires. To complete the process, you only need a wireless network.

Using the uTorrent program

How to download a movie on a phone or tablet, if there is no computer nearby, but there is a Wi-Fi access point? Everything is simple, you can use the uTorrent application. The utility will allow you to download any file, and a movie, including from a torrent.

movies on android

First, the application must be installed on the tablet android. To do this, it is recommended to visit Google Play, and then in the search type "uTorrent". To install the bootloader, you need to click on the "Install" button.

Now it remains only to find an interesting film. To do this, you can use any popular torrent or search engine. After selecting a movie, the torrent file will be downloaded to the tablet. To start downloading, you need to run this file. When downloading a movie you should take into account the following points:

  • The size of the file being uploaded;
  • Video format;
  • Internet speed.

If the connection speed is low and the file is large, you will have to wait a long time. At the same time may not be enough disk space. As for the format, some tablets do not support MKV files.

It is worth noting that such a program for downloading movies allows you to put the download on pause. This is convenient when you need to temporarily disconnect from the Internet.

AVD Download program

Interesting videos are sometimes not located on torrent resources, so you need to think about how you can download a movie to android from sites. In fact, this method is available. It is necessary to download a program from Google Play such as AVD Video Downloader. It is worth noting that there are two versions of the product, regular and “pro”. The first can be downloaded for free, and the second costs about 150 p.

how to download to the tablet

When the utility for downloading movies on android is installed, you can go to any popular Internet resource distributed video files. After selecting the movie of interest, you must click on the button "Download". In the menu that opens, you will need to select "AVD". Within 10-15 minutes, the file will be downloaded to the tablet. Do not forget about the bandwidth of the Internet connection. At low speed, the file may take a long time to load.

It should be noted that there is also an alternative to the AVD Video Downloader program. To decide on the application, you must read the reviews and compare the capabilities of the loaders.

Video instruction for downloading movies on the tablet


Before you copy or download a movie to your tablet, you need to choose the best way. Even if it is possible to move files from a computer, it is recommended to additionally install a bootloader on the device. Sometimes it is just not possible to connect to a computer, but there is an Internet connection.

How to upload files, even novice users will understand. Of course, there may be some difficulties at first, but soon the whole process will be automated.

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