How much is the iPhone 7 in America

Posted by: 18.07.2018

How much does the iPhone 7 in America
Every person who obediently watches the release of new models of apple technology has an idea that it is necessary to find a way - to buy the seventh iPhone for yourself now and at the same time save a few thousand rubles. It is necessary to understand that the seven - the current version of Apple's smartphone is very expensive today.

This American gadget boasts both an impressive appearance and flawless filling. Perhaps it is because of this that the fans of the device are ready to give impressive money for the fact that it was them who got the smartphone from the USA. This article will tell you how you can order an 7 iPhone from America with home delivery.

Indeed, how many people, so many opinions. Some users are still confident that the iPhone 7 in America is worth exactly the same as in any other countries. Other users are well aware that the country where this product is produced will not wind up the price for their people (buyers), as dealers do in the neighboring countries. So, let's figure it out - how much is the 7 iPhone in America and is it profitable to buy it, considering how unstable the dollar is at the present time.

IPhone 7 price comparison in Russia and the USA

Everyone is accustomed to the fact that buying expensive flagships is best on site - in specialized stores. As it seems to many people, this is the best and optimal solution for today. However, if you find out how much a person is overpaying in his home country by buying a brand item, in our case, the iPhone 7, then you can just go crazy. Below is a detailed table that shows how much the iPhone 7 costs in Russia, how much it costs in the USA, and what is the savings if a person still makes a purchase via the Internet.

Price comparison in Russia and the USA on iPhone 7

Buying an iPhone 7 in the USA

You do not need to think that in order to purchase a smartphone in the US, you need to change your place of residence. It is enough to use the new service, which allows you to purchase a new iPhone, being in countries such as Russia, Kazakhstan, and so on. This service is called "Bandera". The bottom line is that you pay the service for making a transaction in the US with a real seller, as well as for the quick delivery of your device to the destination that was specified in the order.

If a person does not want to mess with the design of various documents, he can choose a service that has a name - “Assistance from the Bandera service specialist”, and then for a fee, the person will receive an iPhone, saving about ten thousand rubles. Important: when placing an order, you need to choose a model that is not tied to an operator, otherwise a device will be received that will not support cellular operators in the CIS countries.


As mentioned above, the iPhone is a branded thing, and for this reason, many resellers from the CIS countries like to exaggerate its real value. So you do not need to overpay, rather carefully approach the issue associated with the purchase of an iPhone 7 in America and thereby save your money on the purchase of various accessories to the purchased device.

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