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Posted by: 30.11.2017

Everyone knows that technology requires very careful handling, especially such a complex technology as the iPad. Unfortunately, in some cases the device cannot be saved, for example, when you, together with your ipad, get in the rain, or spill tea or coffee on the device. Repairing an iPad after a liquid penetrates it is not cheap.

Externally, a breakdown may appear like this: the screen lights up white and does not respond to any of your team. Practically for sure this means moisture getting into the device. Your reaction in this case should be as follows:

  • turn off the device completely;
  • remove and dry the battery (this can be done, for example, using a regular household hair dryer);
  • Take the iPad to the workshop - they will surely save your “drowned man”.

Under no circumstances continue to use the device after the liquid has penetrated into it - because of this the cable will burn, and the display and (or) the device itself will have to be changed. Moisture entering the iPad can cause sensor malfunction or lead to other equally serious problems. Repairing an iPad will cost you less, the sooner you take it to the workshop.

What if the iPad is broken glass?

One of the most difficult types of repairing Apple equipment is replacing glass in iPad devices. For electronics manufacturers, it turns out that the more decent the device looks, the more costs need to be applied to repair it. On the one hand, iPads have an attractive interface and functional design, and on the other hand, in case of anything, their owners will have to fork out for expensive repairs.

Only a specialist should replace the glass in your tablet. The manufacturer glues the touchscreen and glass with a special adhesive to the frame and the back cover of the case. You must first soften the glue - this should be done at a temperature of at least 165 degrees Celsius. It is highly not recommended to carry out this work independently - you just break the touch panel.

However, disassembling the device is not all. Build is no less difficult. After removing the damaged part, the master cleans the seats on the frame and the lid from the glue. Then a new adhesive layer is applied, the surface between the display and the glass is cleaned from dust. After gluing the iPad should be under the press for about an hour - this is necessary so that the glass does not come off.

What to do if the iPad lost sound?

One of the most common problems with the sound in the iPad is this: the speaker wheezes or rattles (70% of all cases). In almost 100% of cases, the problem can be solved by replacing it. The breakdown of the dynamics, as a rule, is associated with any mechanical effect: a blow, a fall of the “iPad”, as well as the ingress of moisture. Sometimes it happens that the sound does not disappear, but becomes quieter. In this case, the master will determine the damage - clogging the ear canal. Repair is quite simple - cleaning this channel.

About a third of all failures are due to breakage of the printed circuit board or its individual components. Such a failure is more difficult than the usual failure of the speaker. In the workshop, they will quickly make a diagnosis and find a place for a breakdown. Sometimes you need to "sin" on the platform of the PCB. Whatever it was, but if not sound works on iPad, then you need to take the device to the service center.

Problems with Wi-Fi

Happy owners of Apple products may have encountered such a problem when the iPad or iPhone "do not see" the Wi-Fi network. The symptoms of this “disease” may be the following: A Wi-Fi access point is visible and you can connect to it, view any web page. Then, after a while, the connection is terminated, although the icon that the Wi-Fi is working remains.

If other devices (for example, a laptop) come to the Internet normally, it means that your router and iPad are simply not created for each other, that is, there is a hardware incompatibility. Sometimes this problem can be solved by renaming the access point so that it goes on the iPad list first.

However, in most cases, problems with Wi-Fi are caused by mechanical effects: moisture ingress, shock, or the fall of the device. As a result, this can happen:

  • partial or complete separation of the Wi-Fi module from the board;
  • failure of the binding of the Wi-Fi module.

In addition, communication problems may be caused by a Wi-Fi antenna failure or a device circuit board failure. In any of these cases, you should contact the service center.

How to solve problems with updating the iPad?

ITunes has a built-in ability to upgrade to the latest version of the iOS operating system. The program first backs up user data, and then updates iOS to a newer version. However, when attempting to upgrade, the following symptoms may appear:

  • the device is constantly rebooting, the Home screen is not displayed;
  • the update failed and now the iPad is not recognized in iTunes;
  • the device freezes and the manufacturer's logo is displayed.

The “treatment” of these symptoms is: put the device into recovery mode and do the following:

  • remove the USB cable from the device;
  • unplug the device;
  • Hold the Home button and reconnect the USB cable to the device;
  • continue to hold the "Home" button down - a message should appear prompting you to connect to iTunes, release the "Home" button;
  • open iTunes and restore your device. Keep in mind that all user data is erased, so take care in advance about creating backup copies.
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