The reasons for the inability to activate the cellular network on the IPhone

Posted by: 18.11.2017

Unfortunately, today even owners of phones such as the IPhone face problems. The most common problem is the lack of the name of a particular operator, and the phone itself is not catches the net.

This happens due to the phone reinstallation, the long-term non-operation of the phone or its direct repair.. Experts call a more detailed reason for this indefinite time and time zone in particular.

This article will contribute to solving this problem. So, in order for you to activate the IPhone cellular network, read further our article.

Causes of failure

Why can not activate the cellular network on the iPhone

For reasons of malfunction on the IPhone attached a few more. We will consider them further in the list. So, if you were unable to activate the cellular network, then this is facilitated by such a reason as:

  • Access to the Internet is restricted. That is, the phone can not reach the Internet through the mobile Internet or Wi-Fi;
  • The IPhone phone device cannot reach access to a program called “Safari”;
  • I can not use email in electronic form. But subject to a cellular network;
  • The device cannot connect to the Internet system 3G;
  • Or it is written on the phone that the phone cannot activate the connection.

This is often the disadvantages of the phone, if you can not activate the cellular network. Before proceeding to the elimination of any problem, it is necessary to determine what kind of it. After all, each problem carries a different elimination.

Therefore, it is necessary to find the cause of the breakdown, and only then carry out the elimination of the problem. Further in the article we will consider the most common problems and their solution so that all IPhone owners can activate the cellular network..


As you already understood, there are a large number of different reasons for this problem. Next in order is the problem and how to fix it..

iPhone 6

In the event that there is no network on the IPhone for unspecified reasons, it is necessary to take such steps to resolve the problem. First of all, it is necessary to switch on the “Airplane” mode for a short time.

After a long time, it is necessary to disable this mode. Can also be done reboot IPhone itself.

It will also contribute to the fact that the network will start to work stably. Also, experts advise to make sure that the operator’s card itself is original. Moreover, it is necessary to examine it, because it is quite possible that it is damaged. After that, you need to turn on the phone and, again, to work with the regime called "Airplane". That is, it must be turned on and off several times.

In the same case, if not what did not help, but you really tried, then there is a need to check the settings of the operator of a particular network. To do this, you need to connect to Wi-Fi and go to a specific IPhone function..

This function carries the name “About this device”. There are such cases when the device cannot connect to the Internet, for this it is necessary to use the standard program for all IPhone phones.

The second common problem and its solution

The second problem is that after the so-called factory unlock the network disappears. Next, we will provide a solution to this problem from people who posted their problem on the forums, and then found a solution to it. Read carefully and do not miss anything.

Undoubtedly, this problem most often haunts people who own an iPhone. Often, it occurs after the so-called unlocking the phone using a special program for this phone model. In the event that you are faced with this particular problem, then the next paragraph is for you.

First of all, it is worth noting that this error is absolutely not in any way connected with the unlocking procedure of the phone. And this problem is not as terrible as the previous one..

In the event that the network is unavailable, this indicates that the device itself has accepted the operator’s card, but for unknown reasons cannot find the network. The most common way to solve this problem is to simply take and reset all settings from the network. Moreover, this method is also the most effective. With such a simple action every person who has this phone will understand.

Problem #3

The problem is the unavailability of the network. It usually occurs after activating or deactivating your mobile device using standard IPhone phone programs.

So, consider the method that works in 90 percent of cases. This method is quite long, so you need to carefully monitor the sequence:

  • You need to insert the operator card and connect to the program called iTunes. It is necessary to connect only via a USB cable;
  • Next, you need to wait until the process of restoring your phone is completed. Upon completion, you will be provided with two direct options from this program;
  • Next, you need to click continue recovery;
  • After that, you must select the item called "use the IPhone as a new phone";
  • Next, the system will offer you to be activated. To implement this function, you just need to use your operator card and wait for the signal to appear;
  • In the event that everything that you have done does not help you, we recommend that you repeat the items in 1,2,3,4 number.
    It also happens that a person who has little experience cuts the operator’s card so that it fits into his smartphone. And while making a mistake, cutting more than necessary.

To fix the problem you need to order a normal card from your direct provider. Also, quite often, a certain provider may not provide services specifically in your area of ​​residence..

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