The phone fell into the water: recovery instructions

Posted by: 04.12.2017

Modern man is hard to imagine without a cell phone. Unfortunately, no one is immune from the fact that juice or tea will be spilled on the device. It can also fall into a puddle or bath. Few people understand what to do if the phone fell into the water. If you follow the simple instructions, the device can be saved on its own.

What to do if the phone drowned

Phone rescue

It does not matter how much water gets on the phone. Sometimes it is enough to drop the device on a wet floor, and it ceases to function. There are cases when the phone works, even after falling into a puddle or bath, although this is a rare phenomenon.

So, if a touchscreen phone fell into the water, you need to get it out as soon as possible. Delay, deplorable impact on the state of the smartphone and most likely it will be impossible to reanimate. It is important to note that if the mobile phone remains in water or a wet environment for more than half an hour, it can be thrown away.

The phone fell into the water: recovery instructions

As soon as the mobile phone is removed from the water, it must be disconnected as a matter of urgency. After that, you need to extract:

  • Battery;
  • SIM card;
  • SD card.

It does not matter if the touchscreen or push-button telephone is in front of you, since the recovery procedures are similar. You first need to delete glued protective film. A phone that has fallen into the water must be completely disassembled to increase the chances of recovery.

How to dry the phone

After your phone is dropped into the water and the parts get wet, you need to dry everything thoroughly. At first, each element is wiped with a paper napkin. All movements must be careful not to damage the chip. It is worth noting that alcohol can be used instead of a napkin. In the process of evaporation, it eliminates all moisture.

We wipe the phone with a napkin

Then you need to make everything dry. The best way to dry is air flow. No need to grab the hair dryer, as hot air will ruin the device. It is recommended to use a small vacuum cleaner with a narrow nozzle.

The device turns on at the minimum speed. Then every hole is blown. With chips, you need to be careful that they are not torn off during the purge. Each part should be dried for 10 minutes. Remember that the vacuum cleaner should not touch the components of the smartphone. The device must be kept at a distance of centimeters 1-2 from the surface of the phone.

Folk methods

Those who dropped the phone in water or other liquid should know that there is a popular way of drying the phone. One of these tools is rice. If desired, instead of cereals, you can use an absorbent material that is added to the boxes with shoes or leather bags.

Drying your smartphone with rice

Some rice is poured into a plastic container, and a smartphone is also placed there. Now it remains only to fill up the rice. The croup should completely cover the gadget. The phone should be in rice for at least 24 hours. It is worth noting that a device that has fallen into a liquid with a high level of acidity is not sufficiently dry, since the destruction of the chips will begin.

After drying, the device should turn on. It is recommended to test all the functions of the device. Sometimes users ask what to do if the phone fell into the water and does not turn on even after all the manipulations done? In this case, you need to contact the experts.

Mistakes made

Trying to fix the phone, most people immediately grab the hair dryer, trying to quickly get rid of moisture. Remember that this operation can completely disable the device. This happens for the following reasons:

  1. The stream of hot air melts the plastic parts of the phone.
  2. Water droplets penetrate into hard to reach places.

It is forbidden to blow dry

Since it seems easy to fix the phone, the owners of smartphones do not think about the consequences. Another common mistake is to use:

  • Gaza;
  • Hot battery;
  • Microwave oven

Using these tools will cause the phone and battery to overheat.

Can I repair the touch phonewho fell into the water? With such devices, things are a little more complicated. It is not recommended to independently disassemble smartphones. You can move the wrong, and the smartphone will be damaged.

Some useful tips

No matter how much your phone gets wet, you don’t need to hurry. Every step should be thought out. The phone should not turn on. Otherwise, a closure will occur. It is necessary as soon as possible to get rid of excess moisture.

Appliance stores sell specialized bags that quickly absorb water and other liquids. It is recommended to purchase a similar substance in advance. Perhaps you will not need it, but it is better to err.

Despite the fact that there is a way to reanimate the phone, it’s not worth doing anything on your own It is best to contact a specialist with a smartphone. If he fell into the water, his place in the service center.

Specialists will produce a complete diagnosis and drying, and if necessary, replace the affected elements. It should be noted that sometimes repairs are more expensive than a new phone. If the specialists managed to reanimate the phone, then it should turn on.

Video instruction: how to reanimate the sunken phone


Any phone can fall into the water. It should be noted that button devices can be handled on their own. If we are talking about sensory devices, then it is best not to risk it. Service costs no more than 800 rubles, and a new phone costs much more.

If desired, and a certain dexterity, it is possible to reanimate even a smartphone, but then it’s best to follow the instructions. As for folk methods, you should not trust them too much.

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