Turning off the service “You have been called” at MTS

Posted by: 03.11.2017

Greetings to you, dear readers. Today we will touch on such a scrupulous and interesting topic, which has recently become very popular due to innovations in MTS. This is a forcedly connected service to all subscribers, who called you called.

This service is paid, cost about thirty kopeks per day.. For business people who need this function, this is not a very large fee, but for most subscribers this function is not needed and must be disabled. To disable this feature, use one of the instructions below. It is possible to disable both by sending a request and using the personal account of the MTS subscriber. Choose the most suitable way for you.

Sending request

In order to refuse (turn off the service) from this service you need to do the following simple operation (send the following request):

  • Take the phone and dial the following query * 111 * 38 # then make a call;
  • After the response from the network is received, you need to dial (ok) 2 and press the call button again;
  • After the operation, the service called you, for some time will be disabled.

If you failed to disable the service called you for some reason, you can use the second method.

Through the Internet

Personal account MTS

Also, you can disable this feature using the personal account of the MTS subscriber. Link to personal account - cabinet. To enter your personal account, you need to enter a password and phone number. If there is no password, then click “Get password via SMS”, then enter your phone number and send the password to it. After receiving the password, log into your MTS account.

In the personal account of MTS, you can not only disable a particular service (for example, they called you), but also connect any other service of interest to you from MTS.

Attention: I recommend that you save or write down wherever the password is from your personal account of the MTS subscriber, in order not to request a password later each time you use your personal account.

Now let's go directly to the very method of disabling the service they called you. Follow these instructions:

  • Go to the subscriber's account and go to the tab "Service Management";
  • Further in the opened tab you need to find the item “All connected services” and click on this link;
  • After you click on this link, you will see a complete list of all services connected to you.

Find the service “You have been called” in the presented list and opposite the service, click the cross.

For some time this service will be disabled..

That's all for today. I hope you enjoyed this note, if the note was useful and you managed to turn off the service, I will be grateful if you share this article in your accounts on social networks. You can also share your opinion in the comments to this lesson.

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