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Posted by: 22.04.2018

Recently, smartphones are increasingly being used to exchange text and voice messages for free via the Internet, rather than via telephone. The reason for this is the markedly reduced prices for fast, but at the same time high-quality mobile Internet.

In order to exchange such messages, there are instant messengers. One of the most common instant messengers for mobile phones - Whatsapp.


At the moment, Vatsapp supports sending text messages to which you can attach photos from the gallery for free, instant photos, videos, audio recordings, map markings, contacts.

In order to express your emotions, you can use the emoticons pre-installed in the application, some of which have enlarged versions. Not so long ago, a voice message service was launched, which allows you to make free calls via Vatsapp, as if on a regular phone.


Whatsapp on android has a simple, but at the same time functional interface, all controls are at hand. The main program window is divided into three tabs.:

  • Challenges. From this tab, you can make calls to people who have been added to contacts.
  • Chat rooms. Here you can see conversations with people from your contact list, and from this window you can create a new dialogue.
  • Contacts. This tab contains all Whatsapp users added to the contact list on the phone.



In the version of the application for the android operating system in the upper right corner you can find a button with three dots on it. Depending on which tab is open, the contents of this menu may be different, but in all three cases you can get into the program settings from it.

In the settings of whatsapp on android are the following items:

  • Help;
  • Profile;
  • Account;
  • Chats and calls;
  • Notifications;
  • Contacts.

Web WhatsApp

In addition to programs for Android, iOS, etc., Whatsapp has a web version, which can also be used absolutely free. This feature is useful for those who decide to download the mobile version of the program, but want to use the messenger via a computer. With the help of a special QR code, you can correspond via a browser with the same contacts that are in the phone.


Developers messenger Whatsapp made sure that the applications existed for almost any mobile operating system, but they could be downloaded, and I want to notice - download, done for free. If you are offered to buy this application - do not agree. Below I publish a link to download.

In addition to such giants as Android or iOS, you can also find Windows Phone, Symbian, BlackBerry OS and even Nokia S40 in the list.. In order to download the program, you need to use the application store of each operating system.


On google play

In order to download Whatsapp to your Android phone, you must first go to the Google Play app store.

In it using the search, which is located at the top of the screen, you need to find the messenger among all other programs. After that, you need to open the first application in the list and click on the download button.: iOS or Android.

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