Possible reasons for not working wifi on iphone 4s

Posted by: 06.05.2018

We all know the company that specializes in the manufacture of iPhone phones. Strangely enough, but a very large number of people who have iPhone 4S mobile devices complain that wi-fi is not working on their device.

As a rule, the phone simply loses the connection or cannot connect to the device at all. It is worth noting the fact that this so-called breakdown in the device can be easily fixed. So do not panic.


Typically, the reason why the iPhone 4S does not connect to a particular system is:

  • Possible problem in the system of the program itself;
  • Breakage inside the device itself.

As a rule, most of these phone owners say that after the transition to IOS 7 for some reason wi-fi does not work. If the problem really lies in this, then you can reset absolutely all the previous settings of your phone as standard.

But often this is not the problem. The problem is in the phone itself. That is, the problem comes from the manufacturer's negligence. There is only one way out of this situation, this is an appeal to a specific specialist..

These experts will conduct a detailed diagnosis of your mobile device iPhone 4S and determine why wi-fi does not work. But in most cases, the owners of such phones, having this problem, do not go to specially trained people, but try to solve it on their own.

It is worth noting that this was their fatal mistake. But now is not about that..

What should not be done

To solve the problem with wi-fi on your own, you can perform two actions. But It is worth noting that these actions were found on the Internet on one of the sites. There, the owner of the iPhone 4S describes their methods. Maybe they work BUT I DON'T RECOMMEND THEM TO USE THEM. ALL ACTIONS YOU MAKE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Many people will think that this is absurd, but in some cases it all works. We describe the methods in more detail.:

  • If the device does not work wi-fi, you can simply heat up your mobile device. This can be done at the expense of an ordinary hair dryer. After the indication that the phone is in a critical condition appears on the iPhone 4S screen, it is necessary to complete its heating. Next you just need to restart it;
  • If the device does not work wi-fi, you can also cool your phone. This you can do at the expense of the refrigerator. You just need to put the phone in the fridge for 10 minutes, and then just restart it. And everything should work.
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