Unlock iPhone home screen is not difficult

Posted by: 31.10.2017

For security, you can set a special screen unlock password on any Apple device. Such passwords are simple four-digit combinations or more complex. In the first case, the screen will have a keyboard block with four cells for entering numbers, in the second - a full line for entering a password.

If the user forgot the code from his iPhone or other Apple device, then this is not a problem. The first thing you need to stop panicking. The situation is reparable, although success largely depends on the user's foresight.

Forgot iPhone Password

It greatly facilitates the process of recovery of personal data, the presence of a backup on your hard drive or in the cloud. Therefore, it is better to create a backup copy of the data right now and make a habit of constantly creating it or connecting automatic copying of data to the cloud.

What will NOT help

In the open spaces of the network, there are many instructions for those who have forgotten the password, which actually do not work. To remove the lock from the iPhone, from which the user has forgotten the password, it’s unlikely that they will succeed. In earlier versions of the operating system, it was possible to bypass the blocking using an emergency call, but now it is not there.

Other posts recommend using iExplorer, SSH or iPhone Browser to delete a file that stores a password, but this method is no more effective than the previous one.. Function remote phone control Finding an iPhone won't help either.

There are other ways to unlock the phone if the user has forgotten the password. You can find a lot of them, and no one will try to try, but only one really works, which will be described later. Its use will save time and nerves to the user who has forgotten the lock code of his device.

Really effective way

Device recovery is the only option for a user who has forgotten the password from the iPhone or another Apple gadget. If the device is locked after numerous entries of the wrong password, then this is not a problem, just the process will be a bit more complicated.

Even a locked device can be synchronized with a computer. To save personal data, you need to switch the sync from the cloud to iTunes. So data security is guaranteed. However, in the presence of a fresh backup in the cloud or on disk is not so important. The main thing is that the restoration should be carried out through iTunes, and not through the cloud.

First you need to enter your iPhone or other device into recovery mode. To do this, you will need to simultaneously hold down the “Home” and “Power” buttons. In about 10 seconds The Apple logo will appear on the device screen, after that you need to release the power button, but continue to clamp the "Home" button. After a few seconds, the iTunes icon and a schematic diagram of the USB cable appear on the screen.


Now the gadget can be connected to a computer and run iTunes. The program will detect the phone in recovery mode. For recovery, you can use both the firmware downloaded from third-party resources and software provided by the official server.. To select a third-party firmware, you need to press the "Restore" button while holding Shift (PC) or Mac (Apple).

Then the explorer opens, allowing you to select the desired file. A simple press "Restore" will conduct the entire procedure in automatic mode. When the recovery process is complete, the iPhone will sync. And it will be the same as before, only without a locked home screen.

Apple should think about a simpler procedure for those who forgot the password.. The device recovery procedure is time consuming, which, given the wide audience of brand fans, can be a problem.

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