TOP-5 mobile RPG games released in 2015 year

Posted by: 16.04.2018

Hello everyone, dear fans of mobile games. In this material, I made for you a selection of five games for mobile devices iOS and Android in the RPG genre. The main condition for getting into top: games in the RPG and mixed genre, the game was released on both iOS and Android, the game was released in 2015 year. Go.


iOS -

Android -

Fifth place in our RPG top is a game called KingsRoad. What is translated from bourgeois means the road of the king. I think a lot about this game is clear from its name. At the beginning of the game you have to choose a game character and go explore the world presented.

On the way to the kings, you will meet various formidable and very unpleasant opponents. With a tap on your opponent, your hero can attack him. There are several attack options: melee weapons and magic.

As you play, you accumulate combat experience that you can spend on upgrading the weapons of your fighter..

Beast Quest

iOS - "Beast Quest" on the App Store

Android - "Beast Quest" in the Play Store

In fourth place is another good Action game - Beast Quest. Another good game on mobile devices with a third-person view. By the way, according to the developers themselves, the game is based on a series of fantasy books. That undoubtedly, it seems to me, gives the game some mysteriousness and hope for a good plot.

Basically, the game continues the good traditions of RPG games: you will have to explore the open game world, completing various quests and destroying impressive sizes with a monster along the way.. You can use both cold weapons and throwing.

Another plus point of the game is that it is free.

Dungeon Hunter 5

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Android -

The third place in the top is the game - Dungeon Hunter 5. At this time you have to fight not with huge monsters, but with insidious demons, although in this game the demons are also rather big size. The game continues the plot of the previous part. You have to try to clear the kingdom of Valentia from various kinds of evil spirits, various gangs and other bad people.

Exploring the game world you will not only fight against evil, but also collect treasures, pump your hero, get for him various combat gear, weapons, armor, etc..

You can play both in company mode and online against other players.

Templar battleforce

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Android -

I already did a review on the game Templar battleforcewhich takes the third place in this top. I decided to include it in this collection.

In the game you have to for forty levels, both in the corridors and in the open area, there really will be a place to realize your military ambitions, to manage a detachment of templar, much better known as the Templars.

Taking under the control of the command of these formidable fighters you have to break through among a horde of enemies and fill up the most important antagonist in the game, the evil Xenos. You will be able to choose according to your taste not only the appearance of each Templar from your squad, but also pick up armor on them with different equipment.

Exiles far colony

iOS -

Android -

And finally, the first place in our TOP takes a game called Exiles Far Colony. Let's discard all the conventions and recognize the fact that the game has simply amazing graphics. The game takes place on a distant planet, which is developed by humans, looking for resources and a suitable place to live.

You have to take control of the main character and try to get more and more power in the game world.

To do this, you need to complete in-game quests and destroy the enemy who interferes with your goals. The plot in the game is thought out very well.

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