TOP 5 of the bloodiest games on iOS

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Hello. Today I made for you a rather unusual selection of “TOP 5 of the most bloody games on iOS”. Top games were not selected for the quality of graphics, plot or excellent gameplay, no, games were selected for the amount of red fluid used in the game, for simple blood. The more bloody the game, the higher it is in the top. So let's not waste time and start a bloody TOP.

Blood and Glory - 5 Place

Link in the AppStore

The game on iOS Blood and Glory

I remember how in my childhood I shed crocodile tears while watching a film a gladiator, even my acquaintance the size of a closet roared like a child when watching this movie. And now, thanks to the studio Glu, I had the opportunity to feel myself as a gladiator.

Blood & Glory game - translated into the best language - “Blood and Glory” - is a gladiator fighting game, and quite a good one.. In the game you have to play the role of a gladiator, whose task is, as it is difficult to guess, to leave your opponent without members, i.e. arms, legs and head. You win or you win, the third is not given.

The developer has kindly supplied the game with a large abundance of blood that gushes from all the gladiatorial cracks left by your blade or the opponent's blade. As a result, after the fight from your opponent only a piece of stuffing remains.

The plot, unsurprisingly, is quite predictable and monotonous. You will have to travel around the globe, perform in different arenas and cook okroshka from rivals. By the way, the rivals are completely different: ranging from weak and clumsy strokes, to bloodthirsty, ferocious, invincible dwarfs.

The game is available free of charge on an iOS device.. I would also like to please Android users - the game is also available for devices based on this OS.

Doom Resurrection - 4 Place

Link in the AppStore

Doom Resurrection iOS Game
If you are not yet sixteen years old, then turn off the fucking video, because In the next game you are waiting for heaps of various vile creatures and, of course, liters of vampire liquor. In fourth place is the game - Doom Resurrection.

According to the developers of Doom Resurrection on iOS, this is not a damn 2005 port of the year from a personal computer, but a completely new (relatively certainly, considering the release date of the game) toy, which was created specifically for the stuffing and iOS device features.

The plot of the game is quite simple and outrageously banal.: you are a cool Walker and you should by all means save our mortal and doomed planet from various kinds of creatures, for example: Pedigri who has swallowed a dog with razors instead of teeth and other cute and cute pets. For these purposes, you will have at your disposal a little firearm that turns good animals into an impartial bloody gruel.

The graphics in the game, I would say, is not very bad. As I mentioned above, the graphics engine was designed specifically for iOS devices and takes into account their strengths and weaknesses..

The game consists of eight levels, during which we have to turn into meat and blood everything that moves and does not move. But, as you may have noticed, Doom Resurrection is not the most bloody game, so everything is still ahead.

BloodStroke - 3 Place

Download BloodStroke

BloodStroke iOS Game

For the next game I have already reviewed about two and a half times. The toy is called BloodStroke, the toy is made in Japan, and as, practically everything, oriental, is replete with nonsense and blood.

The toy was washed down by a Japanese director - John Wu (known to many in the film “Mission Impossible”). We give him his due - on blood, gloom and senselessness, he did not stint, here all this stuff in bulk. When a murder kills so much blood from the enemy, it seems that it is created on 150% of it.

You have to play for a charming and attractive bodyguard with tits - Mia Lee is probably the partner of the famous agent named Chi Len. Your task is to protect the official who so many people are trying to kill, that it seems that he robbed everyone and everything on this planet, but apparently stingy and hired just one bodyguard.

To destroy the enemy you can use both firearms - two pistols, and cold - a katana (this is a Japanese sword). In order to sharpen the katana on the enemy, you need to come close to him and press the attack button, after this simple action your enemy will experience the beauty of hara-kiri.

Carmageddon - 2 Place

Link in the AppStore

Play on iOS Carmageddon

The next game is really cult. Carmageddon is a game released in 1997 for personal computers and game consoles. The company Stainless Games, relatively, recently ported this toy on iOS.

Your task in this toy is to come to the finish line before your rivals, while not forgetting to shoot down as many pedestrians as possible and destroy as many of your rivals as possible.. Due to the fact that the game is replete with the death of innocent pedestrians, apparently people, she was awarded second place. Maybe there is less blood in it than in the previous game, but what is the atmosphere, what is the idea.

At your service there will be twenty eight lovely and a little (approximately completely) irresponsible rivals. Overtaking which you can wring their vehicles. Also, you will be available, for the passage in career mode, twenty-eight levels, filled with pedestrians waiting for your wheels and other items destroyed.

Management will please even the most picky players, so it is fully customizable. You can position the control buttons in a way that suits your body and soul. You can also record video from the game and post it on YouTube video hosting..

I recommend all fans of furious and reckless racing to play this undoubtedly worthy thing.

Bloody Harry - 1 Place

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Play on iOS Bloody Harry
In the first place is the game Bloody Harry. The toy consists entirely of various parts of the body and of course tons of blood. In essence, the meaning of the game is the absence of meaning and meat, blood, meat, blood.

What do you think that bothers you right now to get the trunk and start to throw everything that moves, hides or stands still? Right! Nothing! With the game Bloody Harry, you will have no problems either in the supply of firearms, cartridges, or fresh bloody meat, which can be immediately stuffed. What else is necessary for complete happiness?

For entertainment you will be available fifteen types of weapons of various degrees of slaughter. Some just leave holes in the enemies, some tear them apart. As you progress through the game, you will quickly climb the bloody career ladder. At the end of each level you will find a fierce zombie boss, whom you will certainly need to put into expense.

If you have an irresistible thirst for blood, then boldly satisfy it with the services of bloody Harry.

That's all, I hope you enjoyed my collection of bloody toys. Do not forget to subscribe to my channel, there will be many interesting and funny videos ahead.

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