How to disable the function "Find iPhone"?

Posted by: 01.10.2018

This great option allows iPhone owners to remotely control their smartphones. This method may be needed in case of loss of the gadget or if it was stolen. Using the option "Find iPhone" you can lock the phone, send a text message from it or play a sound. In addition, you can delete personal data so that they are not accessible to intruders or the person who found the device.

But there are situations when you need to disable this feature. As an example, it is possible to cite the requirement of workers of service centers accepting an iPhone for maintenance or repair. Often they are asked to turn off the “Find iPhone” option, so that after a possible recovery of the device, it does not hang forever when turned on.

When do I need to deactivate “Find iPhone”?

Without deactivating this option, it is impossible to restore the performance of the smartphone in iTunes. It will display a message informing you that you need to deactivate the “Find iPhone” option before proceeding with the flashing procedure.

At the same time, you cannot erase materials from the phone without disabling this feature, reset the settings, and recreate files from the backup duplicate stored in iTunes. You also need to disable "Find iPhone" before you leave the device in Apple service. In addition to the above cases, it is not recommended to disable this option.

There are four reliable and effective ways to deactivate the Find iPhone feature. Three of them are committed using the device itself. Another way requires the use of a personal computer, tablet PC or other smartphone on iOS or Android.

Deactivating methods “Find iPhone”

There are several methods to disable "Find iPhone":

  1. Through installations in iphone or iPad via iCloud menu. There are two options for how to do this.
  2. Through Software for iOS "Find iPhone". The software is distributed free of charge.
  3. With personal computer with Windows or Mac OS X installed, using a tablet PC or smartphone in Find iPhone. It will be incidentally to say that devices with the Android operating system are also suitable for this operation.

A prerequisite for the deactivation of "Find iPhone" from third-party equipment is the availability of Internet access.

Deactivate "Find iPhone" on iPhone

First of all, you need to enter the settings of the iPhone and then the iCloud menu. And then disable the option "Find iPhone" in this section.

The system will require an Apple ID and password if the identifier is not connected in the iphone settings in the iCloud section. You will need to log in to deactivate "Find iPhone". After deactivating the security option, the user will receive a corresponding text message to the e-mail address that he indicated in Apple settings ID.

Turning off the option on the iPhone by deactivating all the features of iCloud

It should be emphasized that the functionality of iCloud can be disabled separately from each other and at the same time all at once. Among these functions, such as synchronizing mail, phone book contacts, calendar, reminders, notes, photos, documents and information, as well as backup. In addition, these options include Safari, keychains, and the “Find iPhone” feature you need in this case. In order to disable all these options, you must immediately perform a series of sequential actions.

First, go to the iCloud settings and select the “Delete account” option. Then respond positively to the request for this operation.

Now you need to choose what to do with the Safari browser data and iCloud contact list. You can choose to remove them or leave them on your smartphone.

Then you should enter your Apple ID and password. The device itself is tied to the identifier and can be viewed in the settings of the “iCloud” section of the menu in the “Account” column. After confirmation of disconnection, all iCloud functionality will be deactivated. In this case, the email will not receive any notification.

How to deactivate an option in an iOS program?

In situations where the user does not have access to his own iPhone due to loss or theft, you can disable the “Find iPhone” option using any other iOS device. For this purpose, you must open the program "Find iPhone". This can be done directly from the device's desktop. Then you need to enter your Apple ID and password.

The next step is to wait for the status update of all devices attached to the identifier. After the list of devices appears, you must select the one on which you want to disable the "Find iPhone" function. To the right of the device name there will be a “Delete” button. It should be clicked.

It is necessary to emphasize that you can erase devices in the “Find iPhone” program only if they are not connected to the Internet at this moment. iPhone, iPad or Mac PC must be offline. Otherwise, the “Delete” button will not appear opposite the device. Now it is required to give consent to the erasure. The device will be excluded from the list, after which you can proceed to the restoration of the iPhone through the iTunes application from the "DFU-mode" or "Recovery Mode".

It should be noted that in normal mode, to restore iPhone or backup materials, as well as to delete information from the phone’s memory, you will need to deactivate “Find iPhone” directly on the device. Otherwise, the iTunes application will not perform any action on the specified request.

It should also be noted that if the iPhone is connected to the Internet before flashing, the phone will be added to the “All devices” menu and the “Find iPhone” will be activated again. Therefore, it is recommended not to immediately use the Internet on a smartphone after removing it from iCloud.

Deactivate "Find iPhone" on a PC, tablet or smartphone

Find iPhone is not only an option for security and software for the iOS operating system. In addition, a tool with the same name is on the site On this page, you can manage "Find iPhone" and some of its features. For example, the mode of loss, playing sound and removing the device. To perform these operations through you need access to the Internet.

At the beginning of work with this tool, you must go to the address - and log in on the page. For this fit a computer, tablet PC or smartphone.

In the list at the top of the page you need to select "All devices", as well as the device on which you want to disable the "Find iPhone" option.

Then you need to select "Erase", next to which will be the name of the Apple device for which this operation is performed. Then you need to affirmatively respond to the request that appears by clicking “Erase” again.

In the next step, enter the Apple ID password and double-click “Next.” Now you just click on the "Done". It should be emphasized that you do not need to enter a phone number, like the text of an information message. These items can be skipped. Requesting an iPhone to be deleted will be queued and the procedure will be completed when the phone next goes online.

It is advisable to draw the attention of users that after specifying the password to the Apple ID and clicking on "Done", it will no longer be possible to cancel the removal of the device. Therefore, it is recommended to perform this operation only being sure of its necessity.

It will be by the way to emphasize that, in contrast to the removal of iPhone from iCould, disabling “Find iPhone” in the last described way can be carried out for both Internet-connected devices and non-connected devices. Also, it is important to note that all “Find iPhone” deactivation methods are feasible only if Apple ID is entered. The presence of an identifier to which this or that Apple device is attached is mandatory for this procedure.

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