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Currently, such a brand of smartphone as the iPhone is just incredibly popular. Almost every third person has them, respectively, and there are also a lot of questions about their operation, as well as setting up. One of the most frequently asked questions concerns the unlocking of this phone and its password, respectively, there are a large number of answers to the question “How to unlock an iPhone?”, Only not all of them are valid and will help to solve the problem in question. There is only one correct answer to this question - this is the official method of unlocking the “apple” phone and its various series, ranging from iPhone 2 to iPhone 6S, using IMEI code.

Each mobile device has its own unique IMEI code, in other words, a personal password, which, in the considered variant, is entered into the database of the world famous company called Apple.

In addition, this code is still registered in the database of the mobile operator, the client of which is the subscriber who bought the smartphone on contractual terms.

Preparing for unlocking and its features

In order to answer the question "How to unlock the iPhone?", Sometimes you have to spend a lot of time, but you can do everything much faster, you just need to follow a few rules, and also to do everything officially. Unlocking this smartphone model is called official because the phone is registered in the Apple database with the “unlock” mark.. The service sends an official request to the mobile communication company, and also rallies “Pen” - the price of removing the mobile device from the contractual conditions, as well as registering it in the “white unlock” list in the databases of the mobile operator, as well as Apple. It is in connection with these elements that the cost of unlocking varies according to different operators.

Due to the fact that the status of the smartphone has changed since "Locked" on "Unlock" (unlocked), the iPhone remains with this status, and this is not affected by the firmware version or the modem version installed on the mobile device. All that remains to be done is to “synchronize” the necessary means of communication with the Apple database.

Sync iPhone with Apple Database

The question "How to unlock the iPhone?" Is actually not very complicated. To carry out such an operation can be quite easy. You just need to follow the sequence of actions, and also do everything very clearly and correctly. Rules and unlock steps for this phone models following:

  1. Before making an application for unlocking an iPhone, first you need to check if it is not in the operator’s black list and pay attention to its activation status in this network (the mobile device must be switched on at least once in the mobile network where it is blocked) on the validity of the agreed contract. In the case when the iPhone fully complies with all the above conditions, there is no need to order a check of such a phone.
  2. You need to select the desired mobile operator, you can do this using the site menu.
  3. On the function description page, enter the IMEI number (password) of the smartphone, as well as your email address. After that you need to click on the "Buy" button. Correct unlocking of iPhone
    If you are hampered by an item associated with IMEI, and you have no idea how to unlock an iPhone, if you forgot or do not know the IMEI code, then there is no need to worry, you can easily find out such a password. You need to take your own iPhone, go to “Settings”, then you should open the “Basic” menu, find the item “About device”. When you open it, a field will appear called IMEI and a combination of 15 characters, which is the password you were looking for. This combination of numbers must be entered in the order form. There is another option with which you can find out the IMEI password of your iPhone. The subscriber is only required to call the number * # 06 #.
  4. Having done the above steps, and having paid for the service, the person will be redirected to the page where you need to double-check the accuracy of the previously entered information. Then you need to click on the "Order" button, after which the subscriber will be transferred to the payment acceptance service, where you can pay for the services in any way you like.
  5. After making the payment, the person will receive an SMS to his email that the order has been accepted and, therefore, is being processed.
  6. After a certain period of time, depending on the connected operator, the client will receive an SMS about accepting the order, and will also receive instructions for further actions. It is necessary to have patience and wait for the completion of the stipulated period for the implementation of the order (note are working days from Monday to Friday).
  7. After that, the subscriber already knows that his iPhone is unlocked. But do not hurry, that's not all. After the steps taken IMEI password iPhone, which was previously blocked, is now in the database of Apple will be listed as "unlock", that is, unlocked. It is necessary only to “inform” the phone itself about it, that is, to establish a connection between the mobile device and Apple. This can be done very easily using iTunes, because with the help of this program, everything will happen automatically the first time you connect. The subscriber only needs to place the SIM card in the communication device, and it is advisable to download a new iTunes (but this is not necessary), after which you should connect it to a laptop or other PC. Itunes will inform the subscriber that his smartphone has been successfully unlocked.
    After that, the client is allowed to use any kind of SIM-card, as well as carry out an update of his mobile device to the new firmware.
  8. It takes some time to wait, soon the phone itself will find and establish a connection to the new network.

If you have a question about how to unlock the iPhone, and you have found the answer to it, before taking any action, pay attention to the fact that there are some conditions for successful unlocking the iPhone:

  1. The mobile device must activate the SIM card in the network of the operator, under which time it was previously blocked.
  2. This communication device should not have previously been blocked by various programs, such as SAM, or by other means that only create the illusion of the IMEI password of the smartphone. The fact is that in this situation, the subscriber does not have the same IMEI phone number and IMEI number, which is registered in the Apple database.
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