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Posted by: 20.07.2018

Resetting the iPhone to factory settings is the procedure for deleting all data from the phone (photos, music, applications, contacts, etc.), i.e. his return to the original state. In this publication, we will describe in detail how to reset the iPhone in different ways.

Reasons for resetting iPhone settings

The operation in question is rarely performed simply for the sake of pleasure. Most often it is carried out because of the need and hopelessness. The most common reasons for a reset iphone settings to factory are:

  1. Transfer or sale of the phone to a new owner.
  2. Numerous experiments, testing and testing of various applications.
  3. Problems with the operation of the firmware, as a reset sometimes helps to solve such a problem.

Saving the necessary information

Sometimes it happens that the iPhone needs to be reset, but its owner wants to store various information in the phone. In such cases, each subscriber can do the following:

  1. Create a personal backup in iTunes.
  2. Copy to iTunes the necessary applications from the iPhone.
  3. Also, you can save the numbers of other subscribers.
  4. Copy absolutely all photos, videos, as well as audio materials.

After performing the above actions, you can safely reset the iPhone to factory settings. But first you need to take into account the fact that after the reset you will need a Wi-Fi access point or iTunes program installed on your PC with Internet access. However, probably, the mobile Internet is also suitable. No less important point is that the iPhone should be officially unlocked, otherwise it is not recommended to perform a reset.

Sequence of actions and types of reset

First of all, it is necessary to provide iPhone with a high level of charging, but if it is not 100%, then it is better to be safe and put the smartphone on charge.

If the iPhone is connected to power, then you can confidently go to the standard Settings application, after which you should select the Basic option. Then you need to scroll the list to the bottom, where the section called “Reset” will be located.

When you open it, you will see several options available:

  1. Reset all settings.
  2. Erase context and settings.
  3. Reset network settings.
  4. Reset keyboard dictionary.
  5. Reset function "Home".
  6. Reset geo-warning.

Reset iPhone to factory settings

The most commonly used reset methods are the first three options, which will be discussed below.

Reset Apple iPhone Settings

This option will be an excellent solution for all subscribers who want to return the iPhone to factory specifications.

To carry out the operation, you must first click on the item “Reset all settings”, after which a window will appear with the text: “Do you really want to continue? All settings will be reset. Information and media files will remain. ” This notification must be confirmed, it is done with a few clicks. This operation lasts no more than a minute and applies all the initial settings in iPhone, even in all standard applications, but the audio materials, photos, videos, and contacts remain unchanged.

Complete dropping of content in a mobile device

Item under the second number "Erase content and settings", Provides the subscriber with the opportunity not only to reset, but also to destroy all data from the iPhone. This method is the most convenient for people who sell or give their iPhone to a new owner.

To perform the operation, click on the item mentioned above, after which a warning will appear again: “Do you really want to continue? All media files, data and settings will be erased. This action is irreversible. ” The process needs to be confirmed several times by clicking on the button “Erase iPhone”. The smartphone will turn off, and after two minutes start up again. Sometimes it happens that the reset procedure lasts much longer, respectively, with the phone model, as well as the amount of memory filled.

After iphone on may require activation, which will require access to the global network. During the activation process, the phone makes various connections to the Apple servers. After the end of the final stage, the subscriber receives at his disposal a completely clean and empty iPhone, where absolutely all information is deleted, starting from contacts and ending with authorization of the past Apple ID.

Reset network settings

This reset option is not as popular as the previous two, but also quite often used by users. It helps in situations where the iPhone does not want to connect to an organized Wi-Fi access point, or if there are problems with the Internet settings of the phone. In general, when a smartphone has any problems in the network, it is recommended to try this method. Its advantage lies in the fact that it does not affect any information, as well as other smartphone settings.

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