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Posted by: 22.04.2018

One of the very frequently asked questions of all iPhone owners is “How to sync iPhone with computer?”. This can be done quite easily. Using the program called iTunes, each person can synchronize music, TV shows, photo materials, etc. After such an operation, the data and materials on the iPhone, as well as in the library of the above-mentioned program on the PC, will completely coincide.

Preparatory Actions

Before you sync using iTunes, it is better to use iCloud or another similar service to synchronize the necessary materials on all devices on an automatic basis. If for you the most convenient way to sync via iTunes, then you can carry out the procedures for setting up synchronization with iTunes using a USB connection.

This program allows you to synchronize the following types of information and materials:

  1. Albums, musical works, serials, movies, audio books, ordinary books, playlists, shows, podcasts and ringtones.
  2. Photos and video.
  3. Contacts, as well as various calendars.
  4. Spare copies of the device that were created through this program.

Sync content using iTunes

To synchronize all sorts of files on the PC and iPhone, the client must manually carry out a series of simple steps. Sync iPhone is as follows:

  1. First you need to open the program mentioned above. It is better to make sure once again that the latest version is installed on the device.
  2. Then you should connect the gadget to the computer using the USB cable included in the delivery kit. In the upper left corner of the program window there is a sign confirming successful connection of the device.

  3. After that, you need to click on the device sign. In the section titled “Settings” (the left pane of the program window) there is a list of types of content from your iTunes library, which can be synchronized with the desired iPhone.
    Provided that the program’s media library does not contain any type of data, the tabs responsible for them may not be included in the mentioned list. For example, if the media library does not contain podcasts, then the tabs with that name may not be found in the list of contents.
    There are some types of materials that cannot be synced using iTunes. The type of such data are email accounts, bookmarks or notes.

  4. Having done these points, you must select the type of content that will be synchronized.

  5. In the main iTunes window, you need to set the "Sync" flag to enable syncing for the presented content view. Such a set flag in a particular field indicates that the synchronization process is enabled.
    When the desired field is selected, and a notification pops up on the screen that the iPhone is already synchronized with another program library, you do not need to panic. This indicates that previously connected to another PC. If you select "Erase and synchronize" in this notification, all materials of a certain type on the iPhone will be replaced with materials from a computer. Materials for which synchronization is not included, will not disappear. Iphone can simultaneously synchronize with only one library of the program in question.
  6. Next, you need to enable additional settings of this process.
  7. You need to repeat steps 4-6 for each type of data to be synchronized.
  8. A person can save the settings of the process in question by clicking the “Apply” button in the lower right area of ​​the monitor. When synchronization does not start automatically, you need to start it yourself, for this you need only to press the “Synchronize” button.

Enabling the synchronization of certain materials will lead to the fact that the content of a certain type will be automatically synchronized every time the iPhone connects to a PC with iTunes open.

Provided that a notification pops up stating that some content cannot be synchronized, you need to check whether the PC is authorized for this type of content. Most likely the problem lies precisely in this.

Disable synchronization in the program

First, you need to perform the same 4 steps as when connecting synchronization in exactly the same sequence. Further, in the main window of the program you want to remove the flag, after which all materials of this type are removed from the iPhone. To save the settings of the process in question, click on the “Apply” button.

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