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Currently, iPhone is the leader in the global market for mobile phone sales. This is due to its features in service, great features, a variety of functions, options and services provided. This phone boasts high quality and long years of trouble-free operation. But, nothing in this world is forever, including electronic equipment. Over time, the device stops functioning well, constantly popping up some kind of incomprehensible errors. Quite often and for no apparent reason, the smartphone is restarted. In addition, each user may encounter a problem when the last update of the personal mobile device was not very successful, or the new version of the operating system did not like it. In this case, the first thing that the owner thinks about is how the iPhone firmware of the corresponding version is carried out, including 4s. We will talk about how to properly flash the gadget on our own.

Features flashing smartphone

These problems make you think and make a choice. To refer the iPhone to a service center, where its 100% will be repaired, but you will have to pay a rather large amount for this, or try to find a solution to the problem on your own by simply flashing the gadget. In the same way, most often, specialists use the service center. You do not need to be afraid of self-flashing, as it is not as difficult and long as it seems at first glance.

Aiphone flashing is the restoration of the phone to working condition. Attention should be paid to the fact that a flashing will result in the loss of all information from the phone.

Before the procedure begins, if the gadget is in working form, it needs to be connected to the PC and create a backup copy. You should copy your personal photos, videos, as well as audio materials to your hard drive, because flashing the device will cause it to return to the factory settings and be completely clean.

It is necessary to take into account the fact that regardless of the variations of the iPhone, whether it is 3, 4s or 5s, the procedure for flashing is identical in all cases. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the inconsistency of the instructions to your phone, you just need to carefully and clearly perform the steps described.

Below will be described in detail the procedure for the firmware on the example of iPhone 4s.

Preparatory Actions

Even before the start of the operation in question, the subscriber needs to download a firmware with the .ipsw extension. For a particular iPhone model, a corresponding version is provided.

It is very easy to determine which version is needed for a particular smartphone. The firmware files contain the version of the device (iPhone 3, 4s, 6), as well as its model itself, which is an alphanumeric combination located on the back side of the gadget below the logo.

The main difficulty in choosing the firmware version according to the models lies in the fact that there are GSM, as well as CDMA models of Apple devices. Their difference lies in the fact that these devices operate in various cellular networks. The firmware for GSM iPhone 4s will not work for iPhone 4s on CDMA.

After determining the model of a personal device, you need to download the necessary firmware. Each subscriber can pick up the latest version of iOS, or, if he does not like it, you can download a little bit outdated, which was previously on the smartphone. The main condition is that the old version, which is downloaded again, is signed by Apple.

Also, before updating, the subscriber needs to turn off the option called “Find iPhone”. Otherwise, it will not be possible to reflash the iPhone 4s, since this function interferes with the procedure in question, therefore, iTunes will knock out an error.

In addition, it is better to make sure once again that the latest version of iTunes is installed on your smartphone, you just need to launch the program. If the new version is available, the program will automatically notify you of this and be able to upgrade. After completing all the preparatory steps, you can safely proceed to the process of flashing itself.

Flashing procedure

In general, to solve this problem, the owners of the iPhone 4s are offered two options, each of which is absolutely valid, effective, and also allows you to restore the smartphone quite easily and quickly:

  1. By means of
  2. Via DFUmode.

The first option is emergency recovery mode. Most often it is used to restore the operational effect of gadgets on iOS, after the moment when their proper functioning began to fail.

The second method is no different from the first one. The only difference is that the procedure is carried out directly using the firmware, bypassing the operating system of the iPhone. Often this method is used when the device has a jailbreak or when flashing using the first method is impossible.

Re-Flashing with RecoveryMode

To perform an operation using this method, the subscriber should turn off the iPhone and wait until the smartphone screen is fully repaid. Then it needs to be connected to the computer, holding the "Home" button. The PC will accept the device in RecoveryMode recovery mode.

Subsequent actions should be performed in this sequence.

You need to start iTunes and wait for the moment when the program will find the iPhone, there may be two options:

  • iTunes will prompt the user to restore the connected device. In this case, click OK.

  • iTunes absolutely does not respond. Then you should click on the phone icon, find the item called "Restoration of iPhone», After which you need to select it, while holding down the Shift button (if the Windows operating system is used) or Alt (when the Mac operating system is used).

Next, the File Manager will open, where the subscriber will need to select the firmware. You need to find the file that contains the firmware downloaded before the operation began. Then you need to select it and click the "Open" button.

After that, the program will do everything on its own, you only need to wait for the final process. After completion, the device must be disconnected from the computer. Then you must turn off the phone by holding the Power button. After that, again pressing the same button, the smartphone must be turned on. That's all, absolutely all iPhone settings are fixed, and it is ready for further use.

Flashing with DFUmode

Even before the process begins, the smartphone needs to be transferred to DFUmode. Then you need to connect the phone to the computer and disconnect it. After that, on the device, you must simultaneously hold down the Home buttons, as well as the Power and count ten seconds, after which the Power key must be released, and Home continue to hold until iTunes recognizes the custom smartphone in DFU mode.

Subsequent actions should be performed in a strict sequence, and they are almost completely identical, as in the case of RecoveryMode:

  1. First you need to select the desired device in the program.
  2. In the phone’s management menu you need to find the item “Recover iPhone”.
  3. After that, it must be selected by pressing the Shift button (if the Windows operating system is used) or Alt (when the Mac operating system is used).
  4. In the window that opened as a result, you need to specify the path to the file with the previously downloaded firmware, and then click on the "Open" button.
  5. After the performed actions, the subscriber needs to wait for the moment when the program brings the proceeding procedure to the final.
  6. It remains only to turn on the restored smartphone, after which you can absolutely calmly and confidently use the perfectly working iPhone 4s.

The considered solution to the problem will be useful to those subscribers who put a Jailbreak on their own device, or due to certain reasons, the flashing in RecoveryMode did not lead to success.

Each of the considered options for flashing is absolutely valid, and should help solve the problem under consideration. The subscriber does not need to be afraid to independently carry out this process, since there is nothing difficult in this. You just need to have the slightest skills in using the smartphone and be extremely attentive. Actions need to be performed in strict sequence, and then a successful final is guaranteed. The main advantage of the process is that you do not need to spend any money, as if it happened in the service center. Despite this, the person receives the phone with almost the worst settings provided by the gadget service center. But if you still doubt your abilities, or for some reason you could not cope with the goal, it is better to seek professional help or at least expert advice. This can be done in almost every district of any city in the country.

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