Repair and update the OS on iPhone 5

Posted by: 29.04.2018

Restoring an iPhone 5S is actually a simple process, as all owners of modern iOS devices should be aware of. After reading this article, you will learn about what constitutes a firmware gadget, as well as get the necessary information about the available options for flashing. So, how to flash iPhone yourself?

Features of the procedure

Skills flashing gadget should have all the owners of such devices. Even if you have become the owner of an expensive modern device, you don’t have to contact the service center if there are certain difficulties in the operation of the device.

So, what is the "firmware"? If this concept is considered as a software component, then the firmware of the iPhone 5S smartphone is the work on replacing the OS or software. In the "apple" company software for Apple gadgets is called simply iOS. But if we consider flashing an iOS device as a process, then we can say that this is an update or a software recovery of the device.

There are two main options for flashing:

  • update;
  • recovery.

They are almost the same, but as a result of the first operation, a new iOS is being installed. When restoring the iPhone, the concept of "new" does not apply to the OS itself, but to its condition. In other words, it becomes "clean."

Ways of flashing

Restore the operating system of the smartphone in two ways, one of which is universal and can be simultaneously used for updating and recovery. The second option is only suitable for updating.

To perform an operation, you need to choose what suits you best:

  • update via Wi-Fi;
  • firmware via iTunes.

The iPhone 5S supports the ability to update the OS using a wireless network. In the second case, the data is downloaded to a personal computer, and then a flashing is performed using iTunes.

Process differences

Both processes have certain differences that must be considered when choosing one or another option. Updating or restoring a smartphone is a software component of the gadget. The process itself is the restoration of the original data.

During recovery, all content and personal data is automatically deleted from the iPhone. All smartphone settings are returned to factory settings. Simply put, this process is resetting the gadget itself to factory settings and getting a clean, latest version of the OS.

When updating data remains, and only the system is updated. In other words, updating a smartphone is installing the most recent (or any required) version of the operating system.

Gadgets for iOS can be in three modes provided by the manufacturer - update (DFU Mode), recovery (Recovery Mode) and normal state. As a result, the process of flashing, respectively, can also occur in three modes.

Flashing with iTunes

The recovery process on the iPhone in this way involves several simple steps:

  • Download the latest version of iTunes;
  • Downloading an iOS file to a smartphone, but this is not necessary.

Repair and update the OS on iPhone 5

In order to independently update the 5S series smartphone you will need to do the following:

  1. Disable the "Find iPhone" feature on your smartphone.
  2. Connect the phone to the PC, start iTunes manually, if its automatic launch is not installed.
  3. Open sync by clicking on the icon with the device name.
  4. Press "Restore" (the Shift button should be pressed). If your computer is running the Mac operating system, then “Alt” is pressed instead of “Shift”.

  1. After that, a window will open where you will need to choose a place on the local disk where the firmware is located.
  2. The file must have the extension “ipsw”, on it you must click open and then confirm the request. iTunes will independently begin operation.

More from the user does not need anything, the program itself will remove all unnecessary content and download the new firmware. The device will enter Recovery Mode, and recovery will be performed.

Flashing via Wi-Fi

In iPhone 5S, developers have implemented an update in the OS itself. In the gadget settings there is a “Software Update” item, but this service functions only when Wi-Fi is connected (such a process cannot be performed without a normal connection speed).

So, how to reflash 5-iphone yourself?

  • In the 5S model menu, select “Settings”, go to the “Basic” section and then click “Software Update”.

  • At the next stage, you must click the Download and Install button.
  • After that, a new window will open where you have to agree to the terms of the developer.
  • Next, you just need to wait until the installation process is complete.

While using this method of recovery, you can not worry about anything. Self-loading of the file in this case is not required, it will automatically be installed on the phone.

It is worth noting that the update does not delete the data, but this option is dangerous for locked and jailbroken devices. This is due to the fact that the firmware may lead to deactivation of the jailbreak.

Reset iOS settings

The update process on the iPhone blocked by the operator leads to the following consequences:

  • total loss of jailbreak;
  • the inability to connect the smartphone to another operator;
  • lock the phone.

The solution to this problem is. You will need to reset the settings, as well as delete the content without the process of updating the OS and losing jailbreak. To do this, you can use a special program, for example, SemiRestore, which clears the contents of the phone and resets the settings without any loss.

From the above, it becomes clear that the firmware of the iPhone is a fairly simple process that does not require special knowledge and skills. It is enough to have basic management skills. This allows you to save on visiting specialized service centers.

Ways to reset and clean content

If necessary, you can reset the settings and clear the content in IPhone using special procedures. It is worth doing in cases when the phone runs out of space or it starts to work poorly.

To check the available memory, in the phone settings, go to the “Basic” section, then click on “Statistics” and find the “Storage” section. This menu contains information about the device’s memory.

You can clear the Iphone 5S partially or completely in several ways through:

  • iTunes;
  • "Storage";
  • Desktop;
  • iCloud;
  • erase settings and content in the phone.

Certain methods completely "reset" the device and clear iOS. As a result, it will be necessary to restore and configure data from a backup. The firmware of the phone will be like new, without unnecessary data. In other cases, you can delete only individual data and applications.

Deleting settings and content

The process of deleting settings and all content occurs in five steps:

  1. Go to the "Settings", then "Basic" and click "Reset";
  2. Select "Erase", enter the password if it was set;
  3. Confirm the request by clicking "Erase iPhone" twice;
  4. When the phone search function is enabled, you must enter a password;
  5. After disabling the phone's search function, the screen goes blank, the manufacturer's logo and a process line appear.

To carry out the process, it is not always necessary to connect the phone to charge, but the battery level must be appropriate. Otherwise, you may lose all the files that are important to you.

Erasing data using iCloud

Cleaning iPhone with iCloud happens remotely from a computer or other device. It does not make any difference what operating system you use. The process requires only an internet connection. The procedure itself is carried out in several stages:

  1. Log in to and run a phone search;
  2. Select "All devices", click on the icon of your device;
  3. A window will appear on the right, in which you have to confirm the deletion of data;
  4. Confirm the request "Erase";
  5. Activation Lock does not allow you to erase data until you enter your Apple ID password;
  6. Click "Next" and at the end of "Done";
  7. After this, the process of erasing data on the iPhone begins.

You can carry out the procedure even if the phone is not connected to the Internet. The request will be in the queue and realized when connected to the network. In other words, as soon as the phone goes online, the process will start automatically.

Deleting an application and files

Before deleting any files, you need to carefully check everything. Data, numbers, photos, video, important for you, should be transferred to another carrier. You can delete any applications from the iPhone operating system with different options: using settings, iTunes or the desktop. The easiest option is to hold the icon with your finger until a “cross” appears in the corner. By clicking on this “cross” you confirm the process, after which the data will be deleted.

Deletion using the "Storage" takes place in several stages. Like all the listed procedures, such an operation does not take much time and effort. It is enough to remember each step, and you will be able to cope with this task in a matter of minutes:

  • You need to go to “Settings”, go to the “Basic” section, select “Statistics” and then “Storage”.
  • Next you need to select the application, after which a window will appear with the appropriate information about the size of the application.
  • Select “Uninstall a program” and confirm the process, after which all selected files will be deleted.

Another option for deleting data on the 5S phone is to use iTunes. There are also no difficulties here, just follow the steps listed and you will be able to cope with this task in a few minutes:

  1. Connect the smartphone to a Wi-Fi or computer, run iTunes;
  2. Choose your device;
  3. Select the "Programs" tab;
  4. Next to the file to be deleted in the download list there will be a “Delete” button, which must be clicked.

All applications marked for removal in iPhone will be completely erased. Also, they can be installed in the same way again.

It should be noted that the free space of any phone, including the iPhone 5S, is occupied by other files, for example, notes, contacts, music, photos and so on. However, there is another application that simply "eats" the memory - this is Safari. Therefore, if you use your iPhone to access the network, then get ready for the fact that it will constantly take up a lot of space. You will need to periodically clear the cache.

Thanks to such simple knowledge, you can repair not only your phone, but also help relatives and friends. In addition, for some of the advanced owners of Apple products, this knowledge makes it possible to make good money.

In conclusion, it should be said that the firmware of the smartphone and the deletion of files does not take much time, and the process itself is quite clear and simple. Everyone can easily cope with this issue; it is enough to have minimal skills in working with a telephone and computer. This is a good option to save money and time. In addition, if you try and better explore the capabilities of your phone, then you will see additional options for managing your phone.

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