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Posted by: 22.05.2018

Smartphones from Apple, which are implemented on the world stage, are certainly an example to follow and lust for the owners of other mobile gadgets. However, those devices that are sold in the United States or shipped from there have one major drawback - attachment to a certain cellular operator. In order for it to work on the SIM-cards of other operators, you have to unlock the iPhone. On how to perform unlocking and features of the process will be discussed below.

What is unlock?

The problem of limited carrier smartphones in relation to various SIM-cards is well known to the domestic audience. In fact, each of the big three mobile operators in Russia (MTS, Beeline, Megafon) sells such gadgets. Owners of such devices are attracted by the excellent price-to-performance ratio, but after the end of the promotional period (several weeks), they all begin to think about changing the operator and the forced unlocking of the gadget.

As for the iPhone, this situation can arise in two cases:

  • Firstly, the smartphone was bought in the United States, where it was initially locked up under a certain network under contractual conditions;
  • Secondly, the smartphone was bought on the territory of Russia, but before that it was bought or used in the USA.

From the point of view of American law, there is nothing illegal in the unlock procedure. Indeed, if the owner of the iPhone, after the expiration of the contract for the provision of mobile services, decides to sell it, then he or his new owner can freely contact the customer service center and release the lock. It should be clarified that such a procedure is feasible only if the financial obligations under the contract were fully complied with.

Taking into account the existing schemes for the delivery of telephones to the territory of Russia and their not entirely transparent past, it is quite likely that a gadget with debts could be put into the hands. Such a device is much cheaper than analogue in the official trading network, and its unlocking is possible in one of the following ways:

  • Official. This is the so-called IMEI-unlock, carried out through the manufacturer's server company. It consists in changing the status of the phone in the database.
  • Software. Soft-unlock or Software-unlock is included in the flashing of the software used.
  • By hardware. In this case, you need to use additional equipment or perform actions that will lead to a change in the electronic or logical chain binding of the smartphone to the operator.

And now we will consider each of the options in more detail.

Official procedure

The method proposed by the company itself is based on the procedure for activating the device in the corresponding Apple database. It is obvious that you can bind a specific phone to an operator using its unique identifier - IMEI code.

The essence of the method is to contact the subscriber to the representative office of the company, where its employees are required to unlock the device. Naturally, the phone must be clean in terms of financial and contractual obligations. There is also a precedent for illegal actions on the part of the representatives of the representative office, who, in the spirit of our power, organize gray schemes, earning on trustful customers.

Program method

The essence of this method consists in flashing or flashing working software in order to make it accept other SIM cards. This is formally a free way to fix the problem, but if there are several utilities for its implementation, there are practically no significant developments in this direction. Consequently, those approaches that gave results on low-end iPhone models up to 4 do not work on new ones (5-6).

Hardware crack

If in the previous two cases, software commands were used to separate the smartphone from the parent network, then the issue can be solved at the expense of auxiliary equipment. Classic examples of this method of unlocking Apple smartphones are:

  • Change the electrical circuit of the smartphone. This approach was used on models of the 2 series and it consisted in closing the necessary contacts on the modem chip.
  • Cloning identity data. In this case, the so-called Multi-SIM cards are used, which contain input data of several different carriers.
  • Tray adapter. In the iPhone 4 series, the unlock procedure was solved by installing a special tray with an intermediate electronic card in the SIM card slot.

Older models of Apple smartphones cannot be fooled in this way, unfortunately, therefore, it’s impossible to do without unlocking the smartphone’s operating system.

Unlock vs / and Jailbreak

Unlock and jailbreak though suggest the removal of restrictions as a result, but are different procedures, although most owners tend to identify them. In the first case, as already discussed above, the attachment of the smartphone to a particular SIM card / operator is removed, and in the second case, the operating system is hacked.

The objectives of these procedures are different and, in principle, they can be carried out independently of each other. However, in some cases, such as in the types of unlock software, without first unlocking iOS just can not do. This is how the SAM utility works from under the Cydia system.

Will it work or not?

If everything is clear in principle with official unlock and there should be no problems, then the effectiveness of software or hardware procedures is a big question. Here you need to consider the following factors:

  1. Compatibility of iPhone versions of the modem and iOS operating system, as well as the possibility of reducing them to acceptable.
  2. The version of the operating system that determines the possibility of jailbreaking. This procedure is required for unlock program types.
  3. The approach of the operator, or rather, its employees who have access to the activation base.

All of the above procedures should be approached with caution, because there is always the risk of disrupting the software process, which can lead to unpleasant consequences.

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