IOS secrets and hidden features

Posted by: 24.04.2018

As in previous versions of iOS in iOS, 7 has secrets and hidden functions that may be useful in one way or another.

IOS 7 SecretsGreetings, dear user of iOS devices. In today's article we will talk with you on such an interesting topic as - the secrets of iOS 7. Yes, yes, do not be surprised iOS 7, as well as previous versions of this operating system have a number of hidden features that can greatly facilitate your use of Apple gadget, such as iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Below you can find the most interesting and useful hidden features of the iOS operating system, in my opinion.

So let's get started.

Apple gadget control using head

Few people know, but you can manage your iPhone or iPad with your head. The following movements are available: tilting the head to the left and tilting the head to the right. With the help of the Switch Control tool you can set actions when tilting the head. For example: tilt to the right - to increase the volume, tilt to the left - to reduce the volume.

Go to the settings of this function.:

  • Go to “Settings”;
  • Next, select “Basic”;
  • Click on “Universal Access”;
  • In the “Physiology and Motility” field, select the “Switch Control” tool and activate it (to do this, move the slider to the right);
  • Further, the item “Switches” -> “Add new” -> “Camera”;
  • Select the desired item and specify the action to be performed.

Apple gadget control using head

We block calls and SMS

If you are constantly tormented by the same number, for example, constantly calling or sending SMS, then you can very easily get rid of this annoying person by simply blocking his phone number. This is done as follows.:

  • Select the item "Settings";
  • Next, open the menu called “Phone”;
  • Select the item “Blocked”;
  • Click on the link “Add a new one” and add a negligent interlocutor to the black list.

All now he will not get through to you, and will not be added via SMS.

We block calls and SMS on iOS 7

Square photos

Another great feature. The iOS 7 features let you take square photos. True, why this is necessary is difficult to understand. Although, square photos are very well suited for the avatar in social networks. So, we make the necessary settings:

  • Open the app called “Camera”;
  • Next, using a swipe gesture, select the 1 × 1 setting.

Everything, now you can make beautiful, square photos.

Square Photos in iOS 7

Turning off the parallax effect

How you could replace - one of the most interesting innovations was the addition of a parallax effect in iOS. When you tilt your gadget, you may notice the movement of the wallpaper, they slightly change their location depending on the angle and side of the slope. This effect, of course, looks beautiful, but does not bear any practical use in itself, therefore, to save battery, you can quickly and safely turn it off. This is done in this way:

  • Go to the “Settings” menu on your gadget;
  • Next, select the “Basic” menu;
  • We are looking for the item “Universal Access” and go to it;
  • Next, the menu “Reduce movement” and move the slider to the right, so we activate this function.

That's it, now your gadget has no parallax effect.

Disable parallax effect in iOS

Voice control

It can be considered quite logical that iOS has voice control of your gadget. This is done using a function called Siri. With a voice, you can adjust the screen brightness, turn Bluetooth on and off, and perform other actions with your Apple gadget. To set up voice control, follow these steps::

    • Press and hold the “Home” button - “Home”;

    • After the above steps, you should open the Siri app;

    Speak the voice command you need.

Voice control in iOS 7
Agree, quite convenient and useful feature.

That's all for today. Of course, not all the hidden features and capabilities of the iOS operating system were covered in the article, there are many more. In order not to make the proposed material too big and boring, we chose five of the most interesting and necessary functions of iOS.. We do not doubt that you will like one of the proposed options and you will actively use it.

If you have something to add to this article, then you can feel free to express your opinion in the comments, we will be only too happy.

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